An Open Letter To The Open Minded Humans

Dear Thinkers,

Apparently, the greatest concern of man is God.
And, the gravest disquiet of God is that HE cannot ever commit suicide.
HE is bound; HE is bound to live forever. At no time, HE can taste death.
But, what is the justification of my sufferings?
Why I always keep myself stuck to life?
And, I never abandon the bout of life in which every ordinary and extraordinary player gets a few failures and the few successes. But, what is the significance of any worldly failure or success if I do not persist in this world?
Yes, when I can never reside permanently in this sphere, why I stay here temporarily?
(Is there any so special work to do for me?)
In the end, who am I and what is all this???
And again, I am not that God Who is unable to die, yet I do not exercise my power to quit animation.
What prevents me from doing so?
What is over here, for which I continue to exist? What is that???
And a bird’s eye view shows me that there are only a number of elements over here, and their different arrangements then make this whole macrocosm. Moreover, in this universe, a force named life is present, which looks in the shapes of countless creatures.
Now, as far as this universe is concerned, there is no any known element in this cosmos which has such a deep impact on me for which particularly I bind myself to life till the last breath of my body. Then, is this my extreme love for LIFE which always compels me to stay in this world? But in waters, on plains and in the air, there is no any such living being which is as attractive to me as it would enable me to live easily till the end of my physical age.
Oh, but Man!!!
The only being on the earth is man which makes it easy for me to be me.
Yes, but why? After all, who is this man???
In a nutshell,
Among all the known organisms of the world,
Man is the greatest sign and the most eloquent symbol of the force named LIFE!
It is true beyond any doubt, but what is life itself? Does it exist or not???
Now, naturally, a cardinal question does arise here:
How many Eternal Forces do exist?
Just God? (Only HE is original and eternal?)
Are God, life, and the universe?
God and the universe?
Or, is the universe only, energy?
(So, life is but just the greatest offshoot of energy, and nothing else, really???)
Nevertheless, I set aside this most important query for the time being and ponder over that very important question that why do I live? What to do with all this??? While my body is but mortal and that is it. And without my body, I find my being nowhere. Furthermore, even if I engage myself day and night during this too short physical age of mine, it would also be useless since there would always be much more to do- almost all. Therefore, when it is no use of writing the incomplete stories (of life and of the universe), why do I not break the pen? Why do I not desert to be alive? Oh, yes, this is only because that very love for the human race makes me all tied down with life and the world.
But, the question remains there, why I remain so much moved by man?
Now, I watch more carefully and come to know that this creature, coming from the dreadful caves to the splendid houses, seems far more intelligent than all the other known creatures. (And, I am the ultimate lover of intelligence.) OK.
Yet, I look more precisely, and when I want to know anything with greater accuracy about anyone, I stay and watch their supreme dream. And, of course, the biggest dream of man is to be immortal.
How exalted dream! Thus, the august organism indeed!!!
In short, I get impressed immensely. Now, I contemplate and deliberate more and more. Then it sounds right that the central desire of man is to be forever. So, at this point, my interest grows at once. (Only immortality seems something really worthy!) And, in respect of the most important topic, the topic of immortality, mankind looks divided into three major groups.
According to the vast majority (around five billion people), the immortality of man is a solid fact, and the immortality of man means the everlasting life of the human body itself. So, the people who are “well aware of this fact” can be called the slaves of substance! (As the human body is nothing but substance- matter.)
On the contrary, in the opinion of the minority (over one billion persons), the immortality of man is not possible. For, the immortality of the (breathing) human body is never ever attainable. So, eternity is just connected to the nitrogen cycle and energy. We call them energy enthusiasts.
The third and the shortest group belong to agnostics.
Well, we are not concerned with the latter so far. The most important are the only two groups, the slaves of substance and the energy enthusiasts.
And, if we interact with the slaves of substance then we come to know that they possess the incredible love for the human body. In fact, anyone who believes in the everlasting human life they can never imagine their life without the human body. As far as this point is concerned, the energy enthusiasts seem to have a little more matured thinking.
And, with thanks to the imagination of the extraordinary genius Sir Einstein, it has been widely exposed that the design of this universe does not contain the law of eternity of matter. And, it is true that e=mc2, i.e. any form of matter will vanish if we move it at the squared speed of light. It means that matter turns back to its basis and ultimately changes into energy. Furthermore, the aggregate speed of this universe is increasing with every passing moment. And, it is also true that the speed of a whole does make an impact on the speed of its components. In short, any matter present in this universe is of transient nature because finally, all matter has to change into energy. This is the only programming. Then how the human body- made of matter- can be immortal?
The human body is nothing but matter, a composition of that very solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, i.e. the four major states of matter. Besides, the human body is made of the very same oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, etc. All these are but local elements. And, there is no any godlike particle within the human body. Yes, all the elements of the human body are made just of matter. And, matter is not original so it is not eternal! Only originality is eternal! But, matter is just a disguise of energy. And, no disguise is forever.
Anyways, in accordance with the immortality of man, we have only two major groups:
The slaves of substance, and the energy enthusiasts
And, the slaves of substance, who believe in the immortality of the human body, are of the view that there is one God, Who is the Creator of All.
But, who is the creator of Him???
“None,” The slaves of substance respond in simple words, “He exists from the very beginning and will always be, and that is all.”
(The energy enthusiasts say the very same about energy.)
Well, according to the slaves of substance, A Great Creator exists. He, first of all, creates the super organism, i.e. human being, and then He creates this universe, particularly for humans. And, in this immeasurable universe, He then descends His beloved creature but on this too tiny land. Moreover, He creates all the other creatures, in the same small sphere, just and just to meet the humans’ several needs. And, that is all.
In short, the slaves of substance do believe that man is the pivot of all creations, and they always insist on the “fact” that man is immortal- right with the body, for that is the very will of God Himself. Hence, according to the slaves of substance, each and every human individual whether extraordinary or ordinary is but immortal. And, they say that the bad people live in fire FOREVER. And the good people live in a place of leisure and pleasure FOREVER. So, in each case, as stated by the slaves of substance, humans (along with their bodies) remain alive forever and ever.
In other words, the immortality of the human body remains an established fact as claimed by the slaves of substance, who are present but everywhere in this world and have been living here in abundance for centuries. And, for almost the last five thousand years, their ideology has been the most popular one in the human world. The main reason is that man does hanker after immortality.
To be forever is the central desire of man indeed!
Then, it is only the ideology of the slaves of substance which guarantees everyone of one’s immortal corporeal life. Ah, no man wants to die; even a cricket with very little memory and with minimum dreams does not want to die. So, man’s undying love for life is not an enigma as they are always filled with incredible memory and with greatest dreams. Man hates death. Yet, bodies, the human bodies die one after the other day and night. Death continues to come hither and thither. Oh, oh, in this very situation, what can be done to defeat death??? (Man thinks worriedly.)
Ah, what must I do to be saved?
What must I do to be born again?
{And, only these very questions (in the human mind), paved the road to success for the founders of the slavery of substance because only they talked about the corporeal immortality of man!}
And, on this earth, it is only the love for the human body which binds the vast majority of mankind to the group of the slaves of substance. But, why man loves their body so much? Because one even does not exist without one’s body! And, even a great genius can never think furthermore if their body is dead completely. Conversely, when the body remains alive, it helps even an infant to study their environment and atmosphere in every possible way. So we can say that, even for the journey of imagination, the body is essential. Now the issue is that there is no other source to get the body for always, except (the words of) the slaves of substance. Only they guarantee it!
Ah, what I, too, should do? Because I am, too, just a man, whose greatest desire is also to be immortal, and that is all!
What must I do, after all?
Well, first of all, I undertake to think in the favor of their ideology. OK.
They say that God is the Creator of All.
Only HE creates energy by which this whole universe is made.
“Right!” a reply emerges from the very inner side of mine.
Yes, it is true that this universe, this macrocosm is not by chance, not at all.
And, by the genius Pythagoras who knew that this universe is written in geometry, who writes those very digits?
And, Digit is not the creator of itself, never, never!
But a Digit Maker!
HE, WHO makes the mysterious sequence of 0 and 1, which then brings energy into existence; Energy, which is always bound to the Law!
Who conceives that Law?
Yes, a Great Conceiver, OK, He is God, He is the Creator, The GENIUS of All!!
He makes a force named Energy, which is then always bound to the Law. And, He creates another force called Life which is not only able to perceive the Law but also can somehow control it. So, the latter force is superior indeed!
Then among all the productions of Life, among all the known living objects, Man is the most genius. Of course, a rare, unique and strange creature- full of curiosity! But, life is none other than Curiosity. Therefore, the creature having the utmost curiosity, man is the liveliest object in the known whole universe, and it is an established fact. The organism which asks questions one after the other, and follows up the answers to their very questions. So, without any doubt, man is the most genius of all the known organisms!
(And, what is Genius?
The ability to perceive and elaborate the laws of Nature quite well!
So, who can learn a code of Nature with more speed and can teach it with more accuracy, he/she is a genius!)
In short, every living creature is more or less genius. (DDT kills many among a group of mosquitos. Yet the survivors need the double quantity of DDT to be killed. Why? For, they just without delay learn how to cope with DDT!) Each and every organism learns about its environment and does teach its offspring. However, except man, all the other known creatures have too low memory space within their bodies. Thus, they remain unable to get (more and more) knowledge continually. And, in this universe, it is only knowledge which brings authority. Mere body, how huge or strong it may be like a whale or a rhinoceros, is just nothing in getting command and control over the other (living and non-living) bodies. Only knowledge makes it possible. So, man (despite their short and fragile body) dominates all the other creatures because they do have much more knowledge as compared to others. Therefore, not the body, but it is only the (much more) genius of man which makes them the Supreme Creature.
Yes, each and every organism is capable of getting and sharing the news of Nature (knowledge). Nevertheless, all the other known creatures have to face two very limits. First, they don’t have much memory to store (more and more) news. Second, they have only two sources to preserve and share their news: preservation through reproduction (in the form of genes), and sharing by the direct communication with one another, and that is all. Contrarily, humans not only have far more memory space but they also have a third and the incredible means of sharing their news, and that is Art (and, the Art of Writing is the greatest of all arts)! In the (known) whole universe, no other creature is able to write a sentence. But, the best ever source of both preserving and sharing the news is, of course, Writing! Moreover, in the whole universe, wherever a written book is found, there must be a more genius (organism) as well. In essence, man is important because they are genius, and the supreme sign of their genius is Writing!
Above all, it is absolutely true that only some super genius is able to solve the issue of immortality. So, I am badly needed to contact the known most genius persons among the known most genius creature. For, in respect of this most important and extremely subtle subject, my respected and naïve parents are of no use. Although I humbly salute my very dear parents and the family and the community, but I cannot accept their logic-less lessons regarding the immortality of man. After all, how can I remain so unserious about my own immortality!
And, the seriousness and soberness teach me with the insistence that the problems of the hardest subject of immortality can be solved only and only by the greatest genii of the most genius creature. And, as the supreme sign of the Genius of Life is Book (Writing), so among the most genius creature (capable of writing books), those are the most genius persons who write (the news of Nature) the astounding books. In short, I try my best to understand the ideas of the peerless pen-masters, i.e. literary persons, scientists, mathematicians and above all philosophers. And, among them, who are most well-versed in their works and who remain on the top in their fields, yes, most of them do see a Law
Maker. A Digit Maker, Who creates energy, and certainly, the same Supreme GENIUS creates the superior force of Curiosity (Life) as well. True, hundred percent true!
In essence, as far as the existence of a Law Maker- God- is concerned (the energy enthusiasts never see any Law Maker), but the slaves of substance seem on the right path. And, it also remains a very strong reason that their ideology got that massive popularity in the human world. And, at this point, I myself do agree with them. But, apart from this very point, I deeply disagree with their views.
They say, in sum, God has not created this universe aimlessly, but with a definite purpose. Yes, He made it just for us- only an abode only for humans- this whole macrocosm. Furthermore (they firmly say), God, first of all, created man. Then, just for His beloved creature, He had to create the whole universe, and that is all.
But, I can’t help asking myself, if man was the very first creation of God then where man inhabited just before the existence of the universe?
Well, one can reply that just before the universe, man- the very first creation of God- stayed but in the very imagination of God!
It means that man remains the very first thought of God, and the universe is His second work. So, just after having His first exalted thought (man), He created energy. The universe came into existence. Then He decided to give man, too, some energy so that they might get acclimatized well with the universe. Thus, He made a body composed of substance, which was nothing in real, but only some composition of energy. And, He then placed His that first sublime thought (man) into the body (substance- a frozen form of energy), and that is all.
Well, now at this point, the most thoughtful persons among the slaves of substance may cry out: “O you wretched, stop for a while, how cruel you are! You call us, who are the true followers of God, but the slaves of substance. What a blame you have levied on us! Well, is man not that very first thought of God, which He had even before the creation of the universe? Are we not the thought of God? And, the spirit is actually the thought of God Himself! Ah, it is also true that in the universe, the only abode of the spirit is but the physical body. Therefore, when we long for the immortality of some substance (our bodies), do we commit any wrong? But this is not any slavery of substance, not at all! Yes, the spirit is the only thing we are in love with, that very first thought of God. So, is not man immortal? (May the thought of God Himself ever experience death???)”
Well, if man is the first thought of God, and the rest of all remain His afterthoughts, then a query does come to mind, why He places his greatest thought into a poor body, for which He is then bound to create a whole universe- all made of energy? Well, but the speed of thought does decrease as soon as it becomes dependent on another force called energy. For, energy does have but a speed limit. So, why He lets His very first and the greatest thought (man) fall for good? After all, why to have an impression of such a poor substance (body) on the very thought of God? Ah, what an imperfect body which
desperately needs a washroom for its very existence! And, when I draw the features of my imaginary beloved, I remove all of the flaws, if any. Then He is God, A Perfect Designer, how His most beloved creature could be so frivolous and filthy that so many kinds of feces must excrete from its body otherwise its existence might be even in severe danger, and that is it! Verily, the so very weak structure is of man! So, are humans the best of the best creation of God?
The Perfect Creator, Who creates two exceptional forces (Life and the universe) which both seem eternal. Is He, really, the creator of such a mortal creature as man is? Furthermore, is He the untiring lover of man, who is but so ordinary creation as compared to energy and curiosity (the universe and Life)?
Above all, according to the slaves of substance, God is so impressed with substance that He must put it on His greatest thought (man); He just cannot help giving man a body. Ah, why?
Yes, why the body is indispensable?
After all, what is it in itself (the human body)?
In a nutshell, the carbon container!
And, a careful examination shows that the human body does contain carbon. (Carbon is a universal notepaper.) And, the human body (everybody) remains filled with the most important notes- the news of Nature (Nature= The universe + Life + The UNKNOWN). In other words, the human body is an incredible repository of the news of Nature!
In short, the human body is, first of all, nothing but a great memory! Moreover, human body seems a set of senses. Yes, but what is a sense? An Informer of its very environment! (Only information- more and more information- is the central need of the force of Curiosity which is simply called Life.) Apart from all this, there are some teeth, and a stomach present in the human body. They are adept at extracting energy from food and providing that very energy to the machine of the human body. Furthermore, there are the few reproductive organs, which help the body to pass on its news and information in this universe, in the form of genes. So, this is the human body!
And when we ponder on the human body carefully, we find that the utmost need of this entity is none other than the news, the latest and the freshest news, the news of its environment, the news of itself. Otherwise, there was no need for so much memory and all these fine senses. This is true, but again, I am bound to behold, why God has given His greatest thought (man) a body having too much memory and so many senses?
Is this cosmos a cage?
Is the physical body of man the very key to it?
Ah, is God trying to know about the further abilities and capabilities of His Own supreme thought (man)?
So, He creates the lock-up (the universe) and hands over its key (the physical body) to man and descends them somewhere in the universe saying that it is you (with a body- full of energy), who can unlock (this universe- all made of energy), eventually! Unlock the lock, and get the prize- access to me, the Creator of All. (So, if so, it is really great!)
Alas, but the God of the slaves of substance is not so genius, i.e. He is not always keen to acquire more knowledge of His Own Self. Not at all! Rather, the God of the slaves of substance desperately desires only to be worshiped (owned and praised) by man day night, and that is it. Furthermore, the prize of praising God is never so high for man as to be a permanent part of God Himself. But the prize of praising the God of the slaves of substance offers only foods, gold, jewels and bodies of the opposite sex, etc. And, the slaves of substance feel elated to have the said rewards because they have no any vision to see beyond substance- matter. Even their “spiritual” pleasures belong to nothing but only to matter, i.e. the everlasting body, the unending supply of foods, gold, pearls, the bodies of the opposite sex, etc. All these are made of just matter. So, they are, who deserve to be called actually, only the very materialist.
And, from the east to the west, it is evident that the beliefs of the slaves of substance contain neither insight nor profound thought. They are of the view that God used to wander in His verdant garden where His numerous robots called angels (devoid of deep thinking) used to live. In other words, those robots were already there, and who also are immortal. (If so, how could man be the very first and the foremost creation?) Anyways, those robots were entrusted with the only task to praise God a lot. But then He thought about man (perhaps to hear more eloquent praises from them). Therefore, He created a statue made of clay. Then He blew His own whiff into it. In short, just give me a break! For, that verdant garden, those winged robots, that statue made of mud and that holy whiff, all these belong to nothing but only to matter and energy. As any garden is made of matter and those winged robots made of light are also the manifestation of energy (light is but energy), and that statue of mud is matter, too. Above all, what is a whiff? Some energy, just energy! And, even before whiffing, there must be a mouth, which is also made of nothing but matter.
So, from the very start to the very end, there is nothing except the repetition of matter and energy in the domain of the slaves of substance (matter). They remain just unable to perceive the worth and value of the power of imagination. (Imagination is the prime implement of the force of Curiosity- Life!) And, the force of Curiosity (Life) has two outstanding tools: Memory to store news, and Imagination to pick the news from that store. Anyhow, the slaves of substance have nothing to do with any such discussions or definitions just because they have no idea of any other force (Life- Curiosity). In short, they can think only of God and man. Rest of all is by God, and just for man. And, the rest of all means only matter and energy. In other words, apart from God and man, they consider only matter and energy the valuable, and (to them) that is all.
And, any more intelligent person gets amazed to know that, even the God of the slaves of substance is nothing but energy. For, they perceive God as A Greatest Light. (And, any kind of light means energy.) And, as far as man is concerned, they never see humans, too, without their bodies, which are also all matter. In short, they remain the biggest victims of the attractions of matter and energy. Above all, their
whole ideology revolves around man only. Even they love only that God who remains the ardent lover of man only, and that is it.
Ah, what this man is?
Of course, I again cannot help looking carefully at man.
I see that man is but,
Curiosity + Energy
(A thought in some search + Body)
Again, what is the human body?
An incredible machine, which is used very well by the force of Curiosity!
(And, Curiosity can use energy but the latter cannot use the former.)
But, what is Curiosity, after all?
The search for (more and more) possibilities and probabilities!
What is the BEST of the Best Possibilities?
In short, the search for the Best Possibility Ever (God) is Curiosity (Life).
{And, they (the slaves of substance) claim that they already have found God (that one made of light-energy).}
But, let it be clear that the discovery of God causes evaporation of Curiosity. For, having met the biggest possibility, the search comes to an end. Yes, the force of Curiosity then gets absorbed into the Greatest Force Ever – God. And, when the Curiosity (Life) herself is absorbed into God, what is the need of a body, the human body? Because the human body is just a source of transportation used by the force of Curiosity to reach God; and no traveler sticks to the conveyance after arriving at the destination.
In short,
From the very start to the very end (of Life and the universe),
There is no entity other than God- Eternal!
It is true, but what is God?
HE is the Greatest Spirit of Enquiry, Who remains busy all the time in the search for further indefinite possibilities and probabilities of His Own indefinite possibilities and probabilities!
The Biggest Artist Ever,
The Creator of each and ALL,
The Only GOD!
And, God is the Greatest Spirit of Study, having no tiniest fraction of disharmony, in other words, having no fear, not at all. It is also true that only God is beyond any fear of losing anything because each and everything belongs just to Him. Each and everything is but some reflection of His Imagination and nothing else. Only He is Important! So, the only important task (of Life) is to get Him to get absorbed into Him, and that is all. On the other hand, in fine, the ideology of the slavery of substance, which is always focused at the immortality of matter (body), remains so shallow and unimpressive that the extraordinary genius kids quit it silently, as soon as they grow enough to quit swings.
And, I confess that I only feel fully satisfied when I am God. Otherwise, the Curiosity (Life) is all restless. Even the tiniest microbe moves here and there every moment. A little flower keeps on trying to transfer its seeds from hither to thither.
This is only God, Who always remains Calm and Composed.
So, it is true that I am composed only being God. And, apparently, this is the utmost desire of man to be God, The Absolute, and The Perfect. In short, if Curiosity (Life) is striving to be a permanent part of God, so this high destination sounds worthy as compared to that low desire of the immortality of some substance (the human body). But this imagination (to be a permanent part of God) is not less sensational.
Yes, pulling down the blinds of this universe (to get God) is a far greater task than hankering after the immortality of mere matter (body)!
Then the unending zeal and zest of Life is justified, which starts its journey, in this universe, in the shape of dull spores, and within only a few billion years, reaches to the very genius creature- man. Now it is very much interesting to see that, after all, after how long man becomes able to draw the curtain of the universe so that Life may meet with God for good and all. (Life has met Him once at the times of CREATION.)
Anyways, such struggle of Life (more in the shape of man) sounds impressive in its nature. So, the avidity does not vanish even for a moment till getting God. And (after getting God), what could be more interesting in its nature?
It is very true that the life of man becomes far less boring just after going beyond the slavery of substance (the desire of the immortality of the body). Then, for man, there is much more interesting and
challenging task- to remove the curtain of the macrocosm. Verily, to access a Majestic Entity, it does require a mind-blowing test!
Ah, but it is also very true that if I remain uninterested in respect of the immorality of matter (body), my own family and nation does not allow me to live alive. Well, to live safely, on this earth, I have the only way to agree with them, and that is it. Only then they happily ensure me that my body will be forever, and there will be an unending supply of the savory victuals and a number of extremely beautiful bodies of the opposite sex, for my that everlasting body, will be over there. And the only formula (to have so many pleasures for good) has only two components; to get so much I have to perform only two duties: Firstly, I have to praise God more and more day night. Secondly, I have to, unconditionally serve His most beloved creature- man, especially (I have to serve) the theorists, who introduced that very God- the guarantor of the immortality of matter.
In simple terms, a human child is bestowed with such great memory and that super power of imagination just to praise God most of the time, and in the rest of their time they must serve other men throughout their life, especially (utterly unconditional service to) the near and dear ones of the theorists. In short, as far as immortality of man is concerned, it makes no difference if each and every human child pays no attention to actual great works (Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, and Literature) in this universe, but he/she is supposed to do only two works, praising God more and more, and more and more service to other men (especially to the followers of the theorists) till the death of his/her body, so then he/she gets the body back- with all fleshly pleasures- forever, the greatest reward. (Brilliant!)
Moreover, in every sub-ideology of the main dogma of the immortality of matter (the human body), there are a large number of such words, sentences which do confirm the immortal corporeal pleasures of the readers. (Obviously, such all words, sentences remain only in the native languages of the theorists.) And, it is not necessary for a reader even to understand those sentences, phrases well, but they can achieve the greatest goal (the immortal corporeal pleasures) merely by uttering or muttering those phrases word for word. (Wow, how easy to have the immortal corporeal pleasures!) Yes, but neither in the main ideology nor in any sub-ideology of the immortality of matter there is any such script which makes man free of any lethal disease in this real life. But, in such cases, this intelligent creature rushes only to hospitals. So, how extremely interesting is to find that no sub-theory of the immortality of the human body ever offers a seriously sick man any such words which can do exactly that (cure) which otherwise remains quite possible in the man-made hospitals! Yet, each and every sub-ideology of the immortality of matter does claim day night to make the whole human body immortal, which is but more than impossible, as matter is never ever immortal. In other words, the name of God may be changed in every sub-ideology but in each, He remains a true guarantor of the immortality of the human body, on some eternal (matter-made) lands. Yet, on this very earth, for that great guarantor’s most beloved creature there are only and only hospitals to get the human body rid of diseases. (Great!)
Furthermore, another wonderful stroke is that in every sub-ideology of the immortality of matter, there are various methods by acting upon which anyone can enjoy their salvation and the eternal corporeal pleasures, but in no any such ideology there is no any extraterrestrial formula, to take care of a whole
nation in crisis on this very earth, except to be rational and practical. For instance, if any war is broken out anywhere, the fighting nation does move only its army forward with every possible modern weapon. But there is no place in the world where during wartime a holy group is made to move forward merely to blow in the name of their God and destroy the opponents, just because (everybody knows) it would be of no use, not at all. And, that is all.
And, if this is the world of weapons only, then who can produce them as well, without serious study of the elements and the laws of this very universe? And, that great guarantor of the immortality of matter, that untiring lover of man, that master of all, He never ever sends some super weapon from the celestial realm to this earth for His most beloved slaves even if they are in the most miserable condition. There is not a single precedent in the whole history (written even by the slaves of substance themselves) that somewhere a ready-made weapon descended upon them right from the skies. But, no doubt, even weapons are the results of the tremendous human mental efforts, just the effects of mathematics and science, and that is all.
But what a video game is this universe! And, what a stage is this earth, where a character (man) starts their journey with nothing in hands! As the stage goes on that character finds more and more things. Then they learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide. So, they become capable of making many more things just from the things already found. And, only one thousand years ago, who could even imagine that there is a complete AK47 on this very earth. (Man had to do only search for the required elements and assemble them accordingly.) Of course, this earth and the whole universe are replete with wonders for man. In short, how big game, how exciting!!!
Anyways, the theorists of the immortality of matter did teach the words (obviously, in their own dialects) which remain more than enough for every man on the earth for their individual immortality because who can challenge a phenomenon which has nothing to do with this real world but only with one’s own imagination! And, for each and every passionate lover of substance, it is quite easy to imagine his/her everlasting body living in golden stately homes and having all the corporeal pleasures for good. So, the theorists had no tension in this regard. Yet, they were intelligent enough not to say that those very sacred words, phrases are the very keys even for a whole nation as well to get glory in this very world. No! Rather, they ordered their followers to focus attention always on the serious thinking and taking actions accordingly to achieve the big material goals. Albeit to achieve the most impossible- the immortality of matter (the body) – only the unending praise of God and the unconditional obedience to the theorists are the only keys ever. (Wonderful!)
Anyhow, it is evident that in the known whole world, a nation becomes superpower not by the recitation of any magical words but only on account of its genii. In fact, without a profound study of philosophy, mathematics, science (physics, chemistry), it is impossible to disclose the mysteries of energy and matter. Therefore, in this universe- made of energy and matter- the original knowledge and authority of man increase only by reading and understanding energy and matter well. Let it be clear again, even the God of the slaves of substance guarantees only and only an individual’s protection for His praise. But with reference to power and dignity of a whole nation, i.e. with reference to the serious chapters of the human life, that God does not promise so. Then according to Him, the keys of every first-
rate success, on this very earth, are but substantial thinking and pragmatism. Yes, albeit, on that beautiful imaginary lands (promised by the theorists), God demands in simple and clear words, the praise, His more and more praise as the price of the immortal corporeal pleasures of man, and that is all.
Here another very serious question does shake the mind, whether God likes flattery, really??? And, the God of the slaves of substance loves flattery so much that He does not like to hear anything other than His praise. But, which kind of fear that God feels? He wants to be praised every moment, so, how much He is scared!!! And, it is a fact, only he/she wants to be praised a lot, who is deeply afraid of not to be acknowledged well. So, does God ever feel that very fear? How strange!
And, apart from the immortality of matter, it is the weakest aspect of the ideology of the slaves of substance that there is a God who likes His praise very much, and He bestows the enormous rewards just for His own praise. How crazy He is about His admiration! So, right here, the God of the slaves of substance seems far inferior even to any genius human person. And, in spite of all his/her physical mortality, no genius human being likes his/her flattery day night. And what is flattery? The very admiration which does lack profound perception, and which comes out of only the yearning of some personal benefit of the admirer!
And, when a kid (just to get some favor, candies, etc.) praises the works of Sir Newton with zest, he, in fact, commits insult to the Sir. He is even unable to understand the works, but he poses that he perceives very well. However, what is praise, in real? In a nutshell, the praise of something is the extreme perception of that very thing! Then, who has the ability to perceive the potential of God extremely well? So, after all, who is able to praise Him? But, who claims to praise God, he/she, actually, only insults Him. And any known organism (even the most genius man) can only keep on trying to explore more and more about Life and the universe. And just after knowing all about the known two forces (Curiosity and energy) man might be able to say something really important about that wonderful Creator of All, named God.
Above all, how is possible that God- The All-Knowing- must not know that there is no any creature on the earth which is (the least) able to praise Him? Furthermore, when Sir Newton (who is but just nothing as compared to God) would never crave a kid’s endless appreciation then how that Matchless Genius- God- the Creator of All could be crazy about His admiration, from just a creature called man? (How could He insist me only to adore Him day night- throughout my life? What He gets from it, after all?) It makes but no sense, never!
Well, any more imaginative slave of the substance may shout, “Hey you wicked! You just don’t question the blissful order by God to praise Him as you could never ever know the deep wisdom hidden within it! And, you accursed, you question the immortality of the human body! And, you adduce a logic that it is just against the Law. Then, listen to me, you, having a black sheep’s brain in your damn skull! It is me- man- who is the most beloved creation of God. Yes, He loves me most of all. And, I love my body most of all. So, God changes His Law- just in order to make me extremely pleased- forever. And, it is easy for Him as He is All-Doer. But if He were a God who had loved the Law most of all, who had never changed His Law even for ME then I would never ever have obeyed even accepted Him. And, He knew this. And, He is
The Omnipotent. So, He definitely changes His Law and gives immortality to matter (especially, in the shape of my body). And it is a matter of fact.” Then that very slave may growl at me, “But, what is your problem with all this? Speak!!!” And, who can speak then! For, the answer (of any further question) would be just a punch right on the nose (of the knowledge seeker). So, it is always quite easy for billions of the slaves of substance in this globe to make their (so few) opponents “just speechless”, especially in the east.
Well, that very slave may also advise me, “So, keep your mouth shut! O you wacko, But you can never see the profoundness in the order to praise Him. And, He makes man praise more and more just to make them more and more humble. Man remembers in this way day-night that they are on this earth from how Big Entity. Thus, humans become more down to earth because they know how much smaller they are than The Sky-Maker. Understand?”
Well, God’s praise to make man humble? But, what is humbleness? In essence, to own the smallness of the self is humbleness; to know that I am just a component not the whole is humbleness! OK. But, what is the problem of God? Why does He want man to know that how Big He is? But, if a genius human is not seen as important by some children, he/she minds it the least. Then what is the problem of God- The Biggest Genius Ever- after all? The question remains there. And, if I dare ask then that very slave may hold my ear and shout into it, “Oh no, you blind bald old parrot, it is not like that. God does not make man praise Him only to remind them of His Bigness. But, it is a fact that the practice of praising God makes man’s heart softer and they become sweeter for others. Understand?”
Well, it means that the more a human praises God the more his/her heart is mild so the more gentle he/she is in a society. But it never happens so. Rather, the humans who do more worship (the praise of God) they look more hostile. They look down on others who do less worship, and they even hate those ones who praise God once in a blue moon. Anyways, that very imaginative slave may say, finally, “God never likes His flattery as He is the Greatest Genius Ever. But His order of His praise is full of classical lessons. As you might know, to praise something means the extreme perception of that thing. So, God just wants to increase the ultimate knowledge of man through His praises. For, the ultimate source of the whole knowledge is always God. So, the more a man praises God the more they perceive His attributes and prospects. It simply results in an immense increase in the human knowledge. And, Knowledge is the food of Soul. And, you question the praise of God which is the best means to get the greatest knowledge- the knowledge of God Himself- the only food of Soul. Ah, you stupid, you question it? Oh, Soul would die of hunger. Man, just try to understand- in depths!”
In short, the above-mentioned arguments by the (supposed) slave of substance in favor of the praise of God remain just an individual’s personal sublime thoughts. But, the ideology of the immortality of matter itself has nothing to do with such notion. For, it is very clear that according to the dogma of the immortality of matter, a human is bound to have all the rewards (body, golden palaces, foods, orgies, etc.) even if they, throughout their lives, keep saying only a few words, whether incorrectly but from the heart, “You master, me slave. You Biggest, me smallest; me nothing, YOU are All!” And, that is all. Yes, to achieve the highest goal of life in the world of the slaves of substance there is no need for any more knowledge. For, in their world, the highest goal of life is the everlasting body and the unending bodily
pleasures. So, if a slave of the substance refrains from this world and in their whole life they do nothing except repeating the above-mentioned thirteen words day night till death, then they would (right in the opinion of the slaves of substance) get all the rewards for good. So, where is knowledge (the more and more news of Nature) involved in this way of life? I must repeat that to get the immortal body and the corporeal pleasures, one has nothing to do with more knowledge, and it is the reality of that dogma. That God wants humans as His obedient slaves only, but not as curious beings- the knowledge seekers. And, that is it. That God is happy with cramming, but not with creations by humans!
And, in every sub-ideology, there is a holy scripture which (from its very day) on this earth remains the best of all other writings by the legendary authors- whether in past or even in future. Thus if a slave of substance leaves the whole world and takes only their holy scripture (holy, just regarding the very sub-ideology in which they are born, and in which they have firm belief) with them and keep reading it word for word day night, then they (after their death) would have all the rewards (body, golden palaces, foods, etc.) in the realm of their God (whatever His name might be). Yes, despite all their ideological differences, the slaves of substance have one thing in common all over the world, their God loves cramming most of all. (Strange!!!) But, they want to please The Creator of All with cramming! They just have no eyes to see that God- The Greatest Artist Ever- loves only creations, more creations, and more and more creations. And, who knows how busy He is right now in His Creations- may be Much Finer than Life and Far Bigger than this universe! (Actually, Creations keep Him Alive. it is His Central Need to Create Continuously. Otherwise, He may be no more. But, who stops permanently, ultimately he/she dies. And, He is meant to be forever. Indeed, He loves to be.)
However, on this earth, it also remains a grim reality, to live with the peace of mind and for the safety of soma, one always has to be in the good books of the world. And, almost the whole world, especially around me, is madly in love with only that God who shows an endless love just for His own adoration. And, His very followers, all the slaves of substance clearly say that who commits carelessness in praising God, he/she gets destroyed forever and he/she will be tortured incessantly. But, how is this attitude? Is this the God’s attitude? And, human being, relatively far less genius, does never set any punishment in any of their law, at the bottom of which there lays only folly instead of wisdom. For, the purpose of any punishment is just some lesson, the big lesson for the culprit and a deep lesson for onlookers. Moreover, the motive of a sentence is to teach not to commit any sin and crime in future. But in a world (the realm of God) where there is no possibility of sin and crime, after all, what is the use of a permanent punishment over there? Furthermore, the punishment which is permanent is not punishment, but a kind of revenge or fear. And, such a vengeful or fearful man is not considered decent, then how that (so revengeful or fearful) God could be good? How can He even be God?
To cut a long story short, God is, of course, far above any carrot and stick approach. He must have much more serious works to do- more and the greater Creations. So, in short, Curiosity (Life), in this universe, has just one task- to search Him. And, in this very regard, so far, man is the most masterly formation of the force of Curiosity (Life), and that is all. So, what a task for man, too! (To help Life to reach God.) Really, Great!
Ah, but the ideology of the Slavery of Substance deals with its followers as they are just kids who dance and feel immense pleasure at having petty things. Besides, the dogma of the slaves of substance treats its opponents in an extremely mean way. Anyhow, it is no wonder if their creed is most popular in this world, for this world itself is full of meanness. (Fear is the father of meanness.) The world is brimful of fear, and greed is another progeny of dread. So the world is filled with so much avarice that even (a large number of) intellectuals long for the (tangible) things only- even in the realm of God. First of all, they, too, fancy matter; they, too, long for the body (looking like a model’s). Then they yearn for the royal dresses, golden palaces, savory foods and the prettiest faces of the opposite sex, etc. And they, too, wish to have all the said things for EVER. And, all these are what, nothing but matter- substance! (Ah, the poor slaves of substance- even a great many intellectuals of my world- even in the 21st century!)
And, among all the known delights of the body, the most delightful thing is the embracement of the opposite sex. But, even this is not such a stunning thing, merely for which one would live alive for an indefinite time! Ah, what is the purpose to bear the burden of the body (matter) permanently? Only to experience a delicate wave of electrical current, which is found in mating, and which evaporates- at its climax- just after a while? If this the same finest current would exist in the body even forever, what would be the ultimate gain? And, let it be clear, child is not required there in that eternal realm of God, so no baby would ever be born there. In this situation, what is the importance of that finest wave of current?? Is that so important that, for which, the material body would be carried for always???
As far as the rewards (promised by the substance-loving theorists) are concerned, some house made of gold or silver or made of whatever seems a necessity because even the everlasting human body is bound to reside somewhere. But, why would be food after food there? While the body is immortal! Well, foods over there are only for delight! But, what is the use of the opposite sex, when child is never needed over there? So, the opposite sex, too, is just for the sake of delight! However, among all the rewards, the only understandable thing is some house. For, even the immortal body badly needs a place to live in. But the rest of all rewards over there belong only to taste and tang, and that is it.
Is the most genius (man) made, to strive only for the taste and tang? Is the final destination of the most genius (man), just rapture? Is the most genius organism here, to struggle so very hard, merely to have relish and rapture for always? Is that all? Oh, really? And, the slaves of substance say with conviction. “Yes.” Then they ask with a smile, “After all, what else, man could wish for?”
In essence, according to the slaves of substance, man is the creature which is crazy about the body and the bodily delights. So, man would do anything to have an everlasting body and the unending bodily pleasures, and that is all. It is (they say) just the reality of this biped organism.
Well, is this just the reality (of man)? I do ask myself, and the whole inner speaks out, “No, never!” And, I myself aspire to neither an immortal body nor the unending corporeal joys. (These are good only for the slaves of substance, although all impossible!) And, as far as the physical pleasures are concerned, the pleasure in bedroom is the best of all indeed. Yet I do know that I love the opposite sex deeply, for it is the only source to give me a child of mine on this earth, which remains the very continuity of my genes in this universe. And, I am (like each and every man) so filled with the news of Nature that I do
want to pass them on in every shape- just for Life. As the Genius Life is striving hard to reach the Most Genius of All (God), so, she needs more and more news to remove the huge wall of the universe. And, I have some of such news; I also know that after me, the offspring of mine does carry more of my news. So, when I do love to work for Life then I also love to produce children so that they could carry on helping the greater Genius Life in her greatest task. Moreover, and most importantly, I see a kind of my own immortality in the shape of my babies.
But, after all, what could be the use of the opposite sex in that realm of God where I myself would have an immortal body? An immortal body needs no offspring! So, then why the opposite sex is offered over there? Oh, only for the sake of that very fine current! The current, that runs increasingly within the body, particularly within the backbone of man during mating. Yet, again, within the most wonderful (human body) factory, that electric current flows only to process the news to be passed on; that very current is just an inevitable need for the production of (the news carrier) child. And, when there is never any need of child then there is no need for any electrical waves, not at all. Still the slaves of substance insist on the presence of the opposite sex in the garden of God as the far greater reward for man. After all, why? Oh, just and just for the sake of the delight, which is enjoyed by man. So, is the greatest approach of God to make man immersed in such delights, for which, He changes His eternal laws and rules?
And there is a law, matter is not mortal. But man loves the matter, i.e. body, so the law is changed. At last, God bestows matter the immortality- just for man. Then, this is the rule that the electric waves run fast through the body only during the making of a child, who brings the information and news. And, an immortal body (in the realm of God) needs no child, so no such current is ever required. Yet, God alters His law and lets the immortal body (having no need of any offspring at all) to enjoy that very fine current only because man does love it. (Great!)
But, the God of the slaves of substance seems to exist only to provide man with the corporeal delights for good, and that is it. For man, His place is just a place for leisure and pleasure. And, in His very realm, the food is not for providing energy but only as a source of a much greater delight. (A much greater delight in food, for man?) And, there are many genius persons on the earth who would never spend their time in eating/drinking if the human body needs no food. Furthermore, in the life of any great genius person, the bedroom-pleasure remains just like a salt, without which his/her life becomes somewhat blah, but it is never ever the final goal or the greatest gain of his/her life.
But, in short, the ideology of the slaves of substance revolves around the physical pleasures, and that is all. Ah, after all, what is a physical pleasure? And, by the genius Sir Spinoza, who says articulately, each and every physical pleasure is nothing but an uttermost internal need of a living being! The perspective is so deep that for the first time I wonder extensively, but when I contemplate the very interpretation I travel very quickly the journey from evil to genius. (So, I do salute the genius Sir Spinoza!) And certainly, by understanding his view, I do come to know that man is just a genius who turns into an evil only when it is too hard for them to fulfill their utmost internal needs. Furthermore, I do think, after all, what is my most important inner need- my central need? In essence, my immortality!
And, if matter (including the material body of man as well) is all mortal then where one must find the immortality of man? (I keep on thinking…) Well, man is composed of Curiosity and energy (Life and matter- the condensed form of energy), so, after the human body stops working, curiosity instantly goes back to the greater Curiosity (Life), and matter goes back to energy through the nitrogen cycle, and that is all. (In each case there is progress; each component is merged in its eternal whole.) But it sounds not satisfactory to me at all. After all, how to have the immortality of an individual human? Is there any other way? No way!
Anyways, in essence, only the symbolic immortality of an individual human is possible in this universe. “Not bad!” I say to myself, if I have any chance to leave anything behind me to make the genius human race remember me for some time, it is far better than just to come and go and be forgotten for good. Well, what are the ways? And, there are only two sources.
What is the most reliable source of the (symbolic) immortality of a human being?
Creation (Remarkable WORK)!
What is the dire need for Creation?
Every possible speed of imagination!
And, what is the fundamental and essential need for the maximum speed of the human imagination?
The maximum concentration of mind!
(And, what is the need for the maximum concentration of mind?
Peace! The peace of mind! And, peace around the body!)
Anyway, I again see (the delights) in depths. And, I clearly see that there are overall only six delights (especially for man): News, food, orgasm, massage, music and intoxication. And, in the very depth of each of the above-mentioned delights, there is always a desire for every possible evolution of the being. (For, only Continuous Evolution is the key to Immortality.) Moreover, under the last layer of every delight, there always lay two desires: the safety and satisfaction of body, and the maximum concentration (of mind). And, this is true that the only ultimate desire (of every delight) is to get the concentration; the safety and satisfaction of body are just prerequisites for the maximum concentration of mind. And, that is all.
Yet, I see this particular point with another view because this is an extremely important point. So, in other words, every delight is the glimpse of an individual’s immortality. Yes, the single possibility of the immortality of anyone is their continuous evolution. And this is true that known every delight is
connected either with the evolution of mind or with the survival of body- which is the only abode of imagination.
So, what is Delight?
The feel of one’s evolution! The surety of one’s survival!
However, I see every mentioned delight (the news, food, orgasm, massage, music and intoxication) with a keen eye. And, among the known delights, first of all, News is the delight. In fact, News is the central need of Life.
And, when Life started her journey in this universe, she needed to know where she could make the first organism successfully! Knowledge is the very first need of Life- in search of the Most Knowledgeable of All. And, the news (of Nature) is knowledge! So, News is before even a shelter (where to stay, where not to stay?). And again, News is before food as well. (What to eat, what not to eat?)
In short, the babies with all the senses dead are born dead, or they just do not live long. Ah, what could keep them alive for long?
But, it is a fact, the (more and more) news is the central need of Life. The (more and more) news of the self! And, the (more and more) news of the environment!
Yes, an increasing knowledge of the self is the greatest delight. And, the greatest knowledge of the self is (the search of) God, and when man goes on searching God, they experience the greatest delight ever. And, it is the reason that the philosopher who does not find God in the very depths of their self, the delight evaporates from their life. But, knowledge (especially of God) is the supreme pleasure!
Then there is the taste of tongue which is connected to calories. The calories directly relate to the machine of the body. Without calories, the body lacks movement and becomes lifeless. Therefore, usually, the more calories a diet contains the more pleasure it produces.
And, the purpose of mating in every creature is to produce offspring. If a couple (especially in human beings) remains unable to produce offspring due to any unknown problem in male or in female or in both, they keep on trying even with more fervor. It seems that they are doing it for the delight, but actually, they are just ordered by Life to do so. And, in case the offspring is never needed in any creature then that very delight of copulation would evaporate from the earth for good.
Then, there is the delight through massage just because it increases the physical age of the body.
Among the delights then comes the music which awakens the intuition with great intensity. In other words, music is just the recall of (the mastery of) God. {When God Himself moves energy, Just music is produced- the greatest music ever! (Life has heard it once, and she is unable to forget it ever. So, in this very universe, music is and will be one of the most moving things forever- especially, for every being filled with more Life!)}
And, the last in the known delights is intoxication which is though very dangerous for the human body yet it is the shortcut to concentration and meditation. Actually, intoxication gradually makes the body too slow, so all the energy in the body goes to the mind and the imagination becomes able to fly at the greatest speed.
Thus, as far as the delights are concerned, there is nothing except the strong signs of one’s evolution or survival. And, the feel of evolution is far pleasant than the sense of survival. So, one always finds far more pleasure in bedroom than on dining table. And, it is a clear expression that food only makes the body grow; on the other hand, mating makes the generations grow. In other words, the offspring is the evolution of the being in this universe. So, there is always much more pleasure in the process which is related to the production of offspring! {Indeed, after Art (Creation), only child is the strong symbol of the immortality of man!}
Ah, but there is a separate world of the slaves of substance. They love only the immortality of matter (the human body), and nothing else. But the human body, in this universe, is just an instrument (of Life) for collecting the news. And, the greatest of all the news is, of course, God. So, there remains nothing after getting the greatest news- God. Yes, there is no need for any more news when HE- The Ultimate Source of All the News- is found Himself. So, after all, why the body, after getting God?
But it must be admitted that the narcissism of the slaves of substance is unlimited, who like to stay ever within their human personality instead of becoming a part of that Greatest Entity. Yes, instead of becoming (a permanent part of) God, they love to be human beings forever. A separate identity, always a separate identity! After all, why so? Ah, perhaps only for the opposite sex! Although what experience could be more exciting than being (a permanent part of) God, yet the slaves of substance need badly their separate identification in the shape of the everlasting human bodies. But they just have no brains for some real evolution (from man to be God). Indeed, the slaves of the substance (males and females), in this universe, are extremely fond of just each other. Still, more interestingly, they show strong opposition and hostility to each other as well. They do like each other, but they are trained to dislike their mating. So they curse it and call it the worst action.
Actually, in respect of the bedroom-pleasure, the ideologists of the slavery of substance feeds in the mind of man so many complications and so much sense of guilt. First of all, they declare it a disgusting activity, a filthy exertion. Disgusting? Filthy??? In short, the only end result of copulation is the sap of life. The sap of life, in which a child inhabits, how is it filthy? But we are also bound to wash hands and mouth thoroughly with soap, after eating mangoes or any other viscous food- without cutlery. So anything which touches the human body and there is no way except to wash it, is it just impure and abominable? On the other hand, when gum sticks to our finger, we only wash the affected part, but we do not consider the gum as loathsome because we know very well that gum is meant to bind. So, is the substance of Life which binds man with the future generation, filthy??? In other words, humans consider themselves superior creature, and at the same time, they consider that very sap of life filthy, which brings their own offspring. So, is the process producing that very sap dirty? How??? While, apparently, there is only a fuse there joining two bodies together. Then there is an exquisite flow of electric current in both the bodies, and in short, this is the time of the bilateral exchange of the news of Nature- written
within the genes of both the human bodies- and that is all. Where is filthiness? But it is just the preparation of another body- full of the news of Nature- a baby! The human baby! That most mysterious creature; the tiny hands who write great books!!! And, Book is the key to the universe. So, the hands which bring the keys to this universe, the hands of a human child! Is the process of the preparation of such hands dirty? Never! But, after Art, the most sacred of all the known acts indeed!
Although the marriage system is always important in this regard, especially with reference to the upbringing of the genius human children, yet the sanctity of the process is of an elevated nature in any case. Even if anybody (male or female) commits rape, then the rapist is bad, and the intention to rape is too bad. But the process is still just the effort to produce a child on this earth. (Let it be clear that a rapist does not do it to bring a baby but only to feel that fine current. Moreover, most of the couples also, most of the times, do it only and only for that very current. Nevertheless, as far as that current itself is concerned, the superior force of Life produces it within the body, but only and only for a baby to be made, and that is all.) {Nonetheless, I must repeat that marriage introduces the endless loyalty between male and female which is in huge favor of child, both before and after their birth. And, the most loving and loyal couples produce more genius offspring (for, they can copulate with maximum concentration; they can transfer more of their news to the next generation). Moreover, they together then make their children feel safer and loved. And, the feelings of safety and love make the human genius grow more and more.}
Anyways, in the very context of the bedroom-pleasure, this is the ultimate need of man to become clearer because it is not only the greatest delight for the human body, but the second greatest pleasure of Life herself- living within the body, for it is the greatest process of preserving and transferring of the very news of Nature. And, this delight is a prize not just for human being, but it is the utmost need of each and every living being, and it is all evident. The mating of male and female (of any creature) is never an ordinary event, which ends in producing more living beings on the earth- the greatest stores and transformers of the news of Nature.
However, the filth always remains intact in the minds of humans just because the organs of the human body which are used in making the sacred fuse, those very organs are also used in excreting the metabolic wastes having pungent odors, etc. OK. However, by watching carefully, one can’t help acknowledging the greatness of Life. She never loses her focus out. And, she always needs a structure capable of storing more and more news, and where imagination could fly with more and more speed. Furthermore, such a super special structure which can also run fast on the earth in times of need.
Otherwise, it was not difficult for the Genius Life (who had created billions of creatures before man) to put the secretion pipes somewhere in the soles of feet while making man. Ah, but then she had to put additionally the (small, large) intestines- the delicate ones- in the legs. So the legs would have been weak- losing their speed marginally. But, the only function of the legs, planned by the force of Curiosity (Life), was/is to carry the upper body and transfer the same conveniently and speedily to the desired places, and that is all.
In short, in this universe, there are big restrictions on Life in making her supreme stores of the news- the living bodies. Yet, the filth in the minds of humans relating to the (male, female) reproductive organs (the creative organs) seems not all baseless. Nevertheless, the medical students do know that the Genius Life, in bedroom, brings alkali out, right from those organs which otherwise excrete acids, etc. Yes, in bedroom but only alkali, the antiseptic in nature- which contains the priceless genius (child) as safe as possible. However, I salute the extraordinary Genius Life who, just in order to use matter as less as possible, makes the incredible policy to make one organ perform more than one functions. And, a mouth which chews food, that very organ is used to speak, to kiss, and the same mouth vomits as well. Just one organ but how many how different functions! Yes, a big salute to the greater force of Curiosity (Life) who knows how to use energy and its by-products very well!
However, in respect of the bedroom-pleasure, the founders of the ideology of the immortality of matter exploited the compulsions of Life to a great extent. Actually, the more guilty were people the more they were dependent (for their salvation) on the theorists. Even now, guilt is the best tool to keep masses under the control of the “skies”. And, the bedroom-pleasure is an outstanding source to generate “guilt”. Indeed, male and female are deeply attracted to each other because they do bring immortality for each other- in the shape of offspring. (So, who can resist the extreme attraction of the personal immortality?)
In short, the theorist always said to people: “You are but naturally naughty! And, only we can teach you to overcome your naughtiness.” So, this was one of the most vicious deeds of the theorists as the second most sacred act of Life became disgusting, even deplorable. Again, regarding the bedroom-pleasure, it was easy for the theorists to exploit the genius mankind, mainly because of the diversity of the physical structures and stamina, etc. So, a human person fears that if his/her spouse sleeps with another person just once, there might be an issue forever. The person thinks: “There would be the least problem forsooth if that voluptuary is not good at lovemaking, but where would I stand if that sybarite proves to be much better than me? Oh, no!” Yes, to cut a long story short, the world is replete with the persons thinking like this. So, to a certain extent, it is the dissatisfaction of humans with their bodies which does increase the demand for the perfect loyalty. Moreover, the most important factor is that female is always sure about her offspring, but male is never in that position. So, only the perfect loyalty goes in the favor of a male to be sure that the baby, born by his better-half is his own, just his own continuation in the universe. (The situation was far more critical for males in old times when there were no more medical techniques, etc.)
In short, the theorists- the sellers of the immortality of matter- those genii were very keen observers and had a deep understanding of the human psychology, so they knew well what to do! They did support the marriage system and strongly discouraged any other kind of relations regarding the bedroom-pleasure. (It remains a credit to them.) But, what they did wrong was that they made man scared of their inner-self. “O, you are but just naughty by design!”
Not at all!
But, man is designed only to study Nature more and more. And, the inner-self of man contains nothing but the news of Nature and the offspring- bringing more news of Nature, and that is all.
(And, you read a book and so many books- thoughts- are just opened right within you. Wherefrom all those books- thoughts- come? But, each and every human body is a miraculous repository of the very news of Nature!)
Nevertheless, thanks to the theorists, they did emphasize the perfect loyalty and made people observe it. Though they did it by force instead of providing any conceptual clarity to the people yet the credit goes to them. And, it was pretty easy for them as they used “the All-Powerful God” to control masses and especially females. Anyhow, this is worth watching that even now, males badly need an aggressive and a very vengeful God, to control themselves and females in particular. And, on this very earth, where males and females are free to meet and mate, wherefrom the endless love evaporates and the perfect loyalty disappears, no aggressive God is found over there. Contrarily, where males demand perfect loyalty from females, and females from males, there is always a belligerent God, and that is it.
Anyways, the problems of the most genius creature are of very complex nature. In short, this is the dire need of man to be serious regarding their immortality. Otherwise, the (most dangerous) desire of the immortality of matter (body) would keep destroying the supreme power of man, that main difference between man and all the other creatures, the ability to research and create more and more. And, a person being the slave of substance becomes happy (in this world, and in the afterworld as well) at having only material things and pretty faces, as a rabbit feels immense pleasure when it finds lots of carrots and the opposite sex. But a human being is never like a rabbit, ah, but only when he/she is a slave of substance, and that is it.
Yet, in short, in a state where prosperity prevails and where people see energy as Creator of All, and where there is no restriction on adults to meet and mate, over there some of the persons- having more genius- prefer not to live for long. They commit suicide in their forties, saying that life has nothing more to offer them, and if the delights of diet and lovemaking are the extremes, then they are extremely fed up with them and want no more, undoubtedly!
So, in simple words, this is the glory of man indeed. But if there is no any supreme purpose then there is nothing in this universe which is able to convince the men of more imagination to live for long. And, imagination is moved only by some glorious objective, it is the very design.
Thus, the “great” pleasures which are all unable to bind the common genius persons to life even just for fifty years, how my respected parents and all the other slaves of substance would not be fed up with those ones even in fifty billion years? Then what about always- forever? It is a very simple question, and I do know the answer (which remains unwavering in the minds of my parents and all the other slaves of substance). And, though I am not a man of the tongue but a man of the pen, yet (just in my imagination) I ask them with respect, “So, you would have these things: golden palaces, foods and permanent association with each other?” They become very happy and reply, “Indeed, these are promised, and we want nothing more.” I ask, “And, first of all, you would get your bodies back?” They nod their heads, “Of course, where would we dwell otherwise?” Then I ask, “And you would get the sight of your God weekly
or fortnightly?” Their eyes shine brightly and they exclaim with joy, “Certainly, this is the greatest pleasure of soul.” Now I get startled and say to myself that it is true if all these pleasures are found then humans could really be quite happy. Ah, but I just can’t help asking myself, “For how many billion, trillion years?”
Then I try to make myself satisfied, “That is why God bestows man with His sight regularly, to save them from boredom, as He is pointing out to man, “O, you must not feel boredom; I exist, and this means there exists so much.” It is true that man- having such curiosity- can feel boundless pleasure in that very pleasant environment. Yet, that very question remains intact, “After all, for how long?” forever??? And, the reply comes at once, “No, not at all!”
But, man is such a genius being that they become irritated in just some million years. Then humans may start saying to one another, “Oh, but He never shows us anything further. Is there nothing more to please us? We have seen all the things that much that we are just fed up with them. Now we are interested only in the more prospects of God. Or, it is just the end? Even God has nothing more to offer us, really?” Yes, literally crucial questions remain even then. Though my respected parents cannot ponder on them so far, and I understand it well. So, I never ask them literally, any such questions. I salute them always with respect and just listen to them. They feel quite happy, and their happiness is always dear to me. And, had I been born six thousand years ago, I would have loved my parents exactly the same way as I do now. I would have just trusted in whatever they had said to me. I would have believed in their God as my God. The present world may laugh at Him now, but I would have cried for Him then. I would have fought battles and killed humans for Him- just without any hesitation. And, ah, at last, I myself would have been murdered- for Him. My loyalty to that God would also have taken my own life. And, as I see this very end on the screen of my mind, I feel astonished in my depths, I confess. But loyalty once astonished in depths is bedridden (confused) for good. (And, sometimes confusion is the very beginning of some clarity!)
However, the loyalty of a baby is least able to get astonished and confused. So, a child is always very loyal to his parents because they feel too unsafe without their parents. Yes, child badly needs human beings who must take care of them. And, of course, parents are always the most dedicated helpers and lovers of their child. So, in this world, child believes most of all in their own parents. Hence, only God of parents remains God of child, and it is evident. (The humans, who afterward change their holy beliefs, are always very rare on this earth. Furthermore, among them as well, there are a large number of those ones who at first feel hatred for their mothers or societies.) However, it is an established fact that only mother’s God is God of child, and that is all. (And this very attitude of human child- the firm belief only in parents- is one of the most unsolvable issues of mankind yet.) Above all, mother is always so elder than child that even if he/she grows as a great thinker but the mother would usually look at him/her (with deep love) as he/she is still a child in a cradle and no more.
In short, parents are the last ones to believe in their own baby if he/she grows up even as a pre-eminent reformer of the ancestral beliefs. I understand it very well. So, I never ever share my views with my dear and respected parents. And, had I been foolish enough to do so actually, (I do know) then they would have said to each other in deep wonder, “Lo! How nonsense he is! Oh, why should we even think of
changing our belief and abandon the sayings of our great forefathers, and the very sayings of the very genius persons of our nation? But who is he? Just an idiot, who is often speechless in front of us! He is nothing even compared with us. And, those genii of ours, the whole human race is nothing compared with whom! Yes, only their sayings are the highest in rank and authority! So, of course, only our belief is the only key to that supreme world of wonders and the everlasting luxury! Yes, in the known and the unknown whole universe, only we are on the right path. And, it is the only Truth! How can we even think of leaving the Truth? Ah, on the insistence of just an idiot, how can we stop striving for the pleasant immortality of our bodies? Oh, how dares he! And, he wants us to spend our lives in the study of Nature! He wants to make us think that literature, science, mathematics and philosophy are the most important of all, which never offer any bodily delights for good. And, not to speak of the delights, they don’t even present any formula to get the body on a permanent basis. Shoo! Shoo!!! All these subjects are just of no use in that Big World, not at all, and that is all! But, how shocking it is that how black-hearted buggers are also born on this very earth. Ah, how very unfortunate we are, but one such brainless clown is born in our own home! O God save us! Save us God!!!”
Well, in short, when I behold their “genius” persons, I literally get amazed to find that they do have the so impressive speed of imagination; they happen to be genius indeed. I am deeply shocked then to realize that how brainy persons are also entrapped by the immortality of matter. Even the most thinking beings can’t think beyond the immortality of matter. They seem perfectly satisfied with the immortality of their bodies (matter) as the greatest reward for all the adoration and sacrifices made by them throughout their lives. But there is no other black magic more dangerous than the desire of the immortality of matter- which is the biggest eater of the human genius ever- the world over! Only so few escape from this darkest desire. Thence, the attitude of my very dear and not so genius parents is quite understandable as they just follow the most genius persons of their nation. So, regarding the most important and the subtle aspects of Life, in this universe, the most reasonable attitude for anyone is to pay every possible attention to the more genius humans than oneself. (Thus, only the extraordinary genius beings are always most responsible for making their opinions but most carefully!)
In short, my dear and respected parents keep the focus on their genius persons. And, their genius persons keep focus always on the immortality of (their own) bodies (matter), and that is it. Therefore, my very dear and respected parents have the very right to reprimand any such “stupid” who questions the immortality of matter, which remains the ultimate desire of not only the renowned genius persons of their own nation but also of the vast majority of humans all over the world. Yes, it suits my parents to curse any such “fool”. Anyways, what actually suits to every most thinking being is to remember that with respect to certain subtle aspects of the universe and Life, not only any vast majority but also the whole mankind might be deceived completely- even for ages. (So, history preserves some of the “strongest” beliefs of the whole of mankind in the near past like the stationary earth, abiogenesis, etc.) And, of course, the immortality of man is the most subtle query as it has to deal with the ultimate nature of the universe, Life, and God. So, (right for one’s own immortality) it is the utmost responsibility of everyone to study Nature with maximum concentration, and to read the notes of those humans who are always absorbed in the Study of Nature, so the best students of Nature ever (men of fine arts and literature and science and mathematics and philosophy). Of course, the Study of Nature is the central
need of the most genius organism- man! And, to spend life in striving for the everlasting body and the unending bodily delights is the most non-serious and the lowest of all the human deeds and that is all.
Anyways, some slaves of substance, having more memory and imagination, may shout: “O, stupid! What kind of senseless talk you like to indulge in! Ah, who dies for your mentioned delights? But we are just alive in high hopes to see God in reality, and the real sight of God is possible only on the eternal lands. Of course, our greatest pleasure is His sight and nothing more. Yes, not any current flowing through the body, but His very sight is our ultimate desire and pleasure. We are just fond of His sight for good. O, moron! You better use your brain to understand this but in depths!”
However, As far as I can see, this very point is full of flaws. In essence, sight is related to an eye. And, the human eye can observe only matter; it cannot observe even energy very often. So, it means that at the time of sight, if God shows just His shadow then He must envelop Himself with some matter because there is no any shadow without matter. Or, if He does not show His shadow but appears as the brightest entity, then again it means that He shapes Himself into light- energy! In short, just for the sake of His desire to show Him to man, He has to change Himself into an inferior entity, so He either shapes Himself into matter or into energy at the very moment of His sight. But another big problem regarding this myth is that matter or energy has no potential at all to exist as God- The All Absorbent- comes closer to them. (As a number- how biggest- is no more, when multiplied by zero- the most mysterious digit!)
Anyhow, it is certain that God cannot be matter or energy even for a moment because He is not God then at all. (Neither matter nor energy is perfect and absolute. Matter is mortal, and energy is bound- by the law.) But God is The Absolute and The Perfect! And, He is always perfect with respect to His authorities over all others, but He is never perfect in respect of His own possibilities. {Let it be clear that “Perfect” means the last stage of betterment. But God is always limitless. So, no perfect is limitless and no limitless is perfect. And, only a machine may be perfect (in its functions) but the machine-maker always has the chances to grow more and more. Likewise, a creation may be perfect, but its creator keeps growing intellectually till the death of his/her body. But there is no death for God so His Genius is ever increasing and increasing…} In essence, “perfect” means no chance of any further advancement. But, there is a continuous increase in Him by the ever ongoing multiplication of His Own possibilities with His Own possibilities. In short, God- The Absolute- never loses His supreme position for the sake of any being. He is God and He remains just God forever- far above any low-speed matter or energy!
Yet, the slaves of substance, the ultimate lovers of matter and energy, they can’t help turning even God into energy or matter. In other words, even their “spiritual” pleasures revolve around matter and energy. They are extremely desirous of the immortality of the human body, which is just a sum of solid, liquid, gas, etc. But, they are the people who are ill spiritually, who are the very slaves of substance, yet extremely proud-minded! They want to make the whole world think just like them.
Anyways, as far as I am concerned, I do confess, I personally have no interest in merely the sight of God. And, as I grow enough to think more in this universe, I find no profound pleasure in just seeing a scene. But I love to research to know more and more about anything till I get the core of it. So, there is no satisfaction for me in the sight of God but in conversation with Him or in being a part of Him. And, the
God of the slaves of substance has no brains for it. (Actually, the slaves of substance think that only the sight of God is more than enough for man to be happy- forever.) In short, the God of the slaves of substance is too small to keep attracting me, especially after my teenage years, and that is it.
Above all, I never wish for the immortality of my body. Rather, I, being an artist, aspire just for the eternity of my art. Thus, the greatest offer (the everlasting body) by the slaves of substance seems dull to me. So, in my early age when I am unable to see (the objective of) life, I just feel a vacuum within me and there remains only severe sorrow in my depths. Then I start losing interest in my life. But, when I become able to see the purpose of Life (in this universe), I am reborn and that very vacuum within me is all filled with more and more curiosity. I become livelier than ever. But it does not happen at once. It takes me years to understand the objective of my being and the purpose of Life herself in this macrocosm. And, then -just before establishing my opinion- I do reconsider my ancestral belief- the slavery of substance. (And I do it mainly for the love I ever feel for my near and dear ones- they use to be the slaves of substance.) Therefore, I again ponder over the dogma of the immortality of matter.
And, (even in every sub-ideology) I find one point for sure, and it remains the extreme concern only for man! There is the least information about Life and the universe. (They- the theorists- take man for Life and Life for man.) Furthermore, even regarding man, the God- the guarantor of the immortality of matter- keeps focus just on the faith and the morals of man; He is concerned mostly about the faith (in Him) and the observation of the moral values (told by Him). He has nothing to do with the abilities of man which make him man (the supreme organism), the aptitude for research and the power of creativity. But, He gives man all the lessons on faith and morals, and He gives tests only of these two subjects, and He then bestows the huge rewards (golden palaces, foods, pretty faces of the opposite sex and His sight) upon only them who perform well only in the above mentioned two subjects (faith and morals), and that is all.
Now here a very simple question arises that according to the slaves of substance God is perfect by all means. So, how is it possible for a Perfect God to give any test to anybody? The fact is that only such being can give some test to others, who does not know the results hundred percent. And, another reason for trying someone is to check their loyalty. But who tries someone (to check their loyalty) he/she does not have complete confidence in his/her attraction or authority. In short, the God of the slaves of substance seems to be filled with fear to be left by humans. (And, any being having any fear could be anything but not God at all!) Furthermore, what that God wants by keeping every human always with Him? And, He seems the greatest lover of humans as He never lets any human being vanished even after their death and brings them back to life (just to adore Him?). After all, why?
Does that God love the human intelligence so much? If it is true then what is the reason that man is His only choice? If intelligence can make Him happy (which may understand His glories to some extent), in case He needs His articulate admirers very much, why He does not make every creature more and more intelligent??? He is the Creator, He can do all. Then, why He focuses just on man? And, if by any reason He is bound to love man most of all, then why He does not give them some superior body than the bodies of other organisms. Why does He not give His most beloved organism- man- such a super
machine (body) which would never be in need of washroom, which could perfectly use all energy (diet)? Rather, a body which would never need any food at all. After all, He is the Almighty.
It is the point to be noted, if God Himself had created man there would have been a distinguished and perfect body structure. But (except the more memory space and the more speed of mind) most of the human body parts and systems are the same as in the bodies of other creatures. And, it is certain that (in the world known to us) God Himself has created only two forces, Curiosity, and energy. Then the force of Curiosity (Life) has made her numberless assistants for gathering more and more news of energy till she understands it so much as to remove it all (to reach God), and that is all. All the known organisms are imperfect, so they must be made by some imperfect maker. And, by seeing the same kind of heart, stomach, intestines, etc., in a frog as well, one can easily deduce that Life has worked very hard on this earth. And who knows, in this universe, after how many experiments Life became successful in making her most brilliant assistant- man! And it is Life who always needs her assistants in her wonderful search, but why should God (the Creator of All) be in dire need of any creature like man (just to hear His praises, etc.)?
Well, I confess that I get disappointed with the ideology of the immortality of matter finally when I see that there is nothing to do with research about the universe, Life, and God. And, without research, there is the least creation. In short, there is no more room for creations in the world of the slaves of substance. There is an unending struggle only to make the matter (the human body) immortal right with the delights, and that is all. (It definitely hurts, especially in youth.) Anyways, the slaves of substance have the least regard for their power of creativity. They keep their focus only on morals. However, keeping the focus on morals day night makes no good to (the salient and the central feature of man) the power of creativity. But, when we are engaged in some creative works then we are more concerned about our time, and a good behavior is a savior in itself (it saves time). So, the more we are engaged in great creations the more we are afraid of getting involved in evil deeds- the time and energy eaters. Thus, it is also evident that the slaves of substance would not be scared of wasting their energy and time unless they are busy in doing extensive researches and creations. They will not hate evil deeds unless they start loving explorations and creations. And, the vilest deed of all? Not to respect (the human) genius, which is the central part of every human being! But, they have the least respect for the human genius. (They adore only that “divine” guidance which assures them of the immortality of matter.) Well, the world would never find the perfect peace unless it gets rid of the darkest desire of the immortality of matter. But, there is only loss after loss in the slavery of substance, and that is it!
In short, after getting completely disappointed with the world of the slaves of substance, I go to the energy enthusiasts. I listen to them extremely attentively. But, first of all, there is no any purposeful Creator in their world. I feel even more perplexed, yet I keep on listening to them in detail. And, I have two questions: How is this universe made? After all, what is life? And, they say firmly that there is only energy, which is self-existent. Moreover, (they insist) life is just a byproduct of energy. And, regarding energy, there is nothing like purpose, and that is all. Well, but even science defines energy as “the capacity of a system to WORK”. So, it is quite clear that there is a system well before energy, and energy is only its faculty (to do work).
In short, the only work of energy is to do WORK (for Certain System). Let it be clear again that energy itself cannot create a system, but energy is only the ability (of a system to work). And, if there is a certain system (right before energy) which produces energy (to do its work) then that system must have some purpose for which it produces the ability (energy) to do work. And, it is evident that anyone, having some work to do, must have some purpose as well (for which that work is done). And, philosophers (who can feel the force of Curiosity) do know that Curiosity has some BIG WORK to do. And, among scientists, the most thinking beings also know very well that energy is nothing but the ability only to do WORK. In essence, WORK (Art) is the most important factor in any case. (But, the greatest of all works is to Create. So, the best Creator- God- is the Greatest Artist Ever!) Anyhow, the energy enthusiasts never own the presence of any such Artist- The Best of All- God. Whereas without any artist, there is never a so meaningful piece of Art. Then how can man overlook the universe and Life, which are the finest pieces of Art (Creation) indeed! But there must be some Artist; a fact without a doubt!
So, it is not the case that the energy enthusiasts see no creator of the universe and life at all. Rather, they say clearly: “In essence, Energy is self-existent and it is the mother of the rest of all and that is all.” Yet, they see and say that very mother is just devoid of any brains. In other words, they do own a creator of life (Energy itself), but they never see any genius in that creator. So, I do confess, their interpretation makes me very perplexed. But, is there any great creation just without a great genius? Can it be possible ever? (Any precedent? Any chance in future?) And, as far as I see, God is GENIUS; Life is Genius. But energy is all dull (capable of learning no more). And, it is a fact that an outstanding artist (due to any reason) can produce an ordinary piece of Art, but it is impossible for an ordinary artist to create the breathtaking pieces of Art, continually. In short, (relatively dull) energy can never produce Genius (the power to research and create). But the Supreme GENIUS (the Greatest Power Ever to research and create, i.e. God) can produce energy, easily.
Anyways, the energy enthusiasts say that there is only energy- eternal; only energy is original, and life is but an offshoot of it, and that is it. They never see life as another and unique force. They see only big bang and all the rest as the byproducts of energy. Moreover, there will be a reverse big bang. Then again big bang, and then the reverse big bang again, and so on. Well, what is Life then, in this whole circle, that Genius, the force of CURIOSITY? Is energy fed up with all this process? So, it produces curiosity which then understands it, analyzes it and uses it? After all, why? Is energy in search of its salvation?
Is energy looking for any such formula by which it can destroy itself for good? Is that all? Well, if energy produces curiosity to know the way of its complete destruction then there is a severe problem. Curiosity loves to know more and more. Then what is the guarantee that Curiosity, too, would be that interested in any such complete destruction, which means the end of all knowledge as well? Thus, it seems quite possible that Curiosity may be far more interested in something much bigger than that very destruction. Then what would energy do, which produces Curiosity (Life) only to know the way of its complete destruction? Ah, but the ideology of the energy enthusiasts leads man to the deepest depression and pessimism.
Above all, there are basic flaws in this ideology. One may ask simply: “Does energy, too, have any feelings (to be happy or bored, etc.)? Is energy, too, in search of something (for which it becomes so curious on this earth)?” But, as a matter of fact, energy is just incapable of any search anywhere. For, Search is the child of Purpose. And, energy knows no purpose, not at all. Energy is just (bound by) the Law and that is all.
Nevertheless, the more thinking beings among the energy enthusiasts may say smilingly: “Yes, energy has neither feelings nor purpose. It is a force just bound by the Law. Yet, the Law is the Law of Creation. And, the Law of Creation means the creation of something new in every nanosecond. In short, curiosity (life) is just a result of the Law of Creation, i.e. just a byproduct of energy is curiosity. And, curiosity is meant to play the key role in creating more and more attributes and things endlessly. So, where there is energy, at last, there would be curiosity as well. It is the Law (of Creation).”
Well, in simple words, Curiosity comes out of energy, i.e. energy is the mother of Curiosity (Life). But, it looks impossible as energy and Curiosity are two quite different forces, basically. And, in the base of energy, there is always only energy- all bound by the Law. Contrarily, in the base of Curiosity there is never energy but some awe-inspiring quest. Moreover, energy (in any form) always observes limits. But, Curiosity knows no limits. Curiosity is keen on going beyond any limit- to know more and more. Certainly, energy and Curiosity are two entirely different forces. Furthermore, energy is just (bound by) the Law. Whereas Curiosity- Life- not only reads a physical law well but also takes control of it to some extent. Above all, Curiosity can use energy for its own purpose but energy can never use Curiosity, and that is it.
Anyways, before establishing any opinion, I listen to the energy enthusiasts more carefully. And, they want to say that there is only one force- original- energy, which has a stunning speed. So, when this mysterious force- energy- decreases its speed it starts transforming into (different forms of) matter (gas, liquid, plasma, and solid). On the other hand, when it increases its pace, it becomes at a certain stage curiosity. All is the game of speed- played under the Law of Creation. So, in short, curiosity (life) is just an extension of energy. But, one and the only force always is energy, which is original and eternal, and that is all.
Well, then I see the loopholes in this ideology, and I find clear contradictions in it. For instance, they want to say that Curiosity comes out of energy. And, Curiosity is not meant to search some formula for the complete destruction of energy. But, the force of Curiosity is meant to create more and more to keep the Law of Creation going on and on. And, here comes the very important point that Curiosity is, in fact, never able to create, in real terms. Curiosity can only read the already existing attributes and things (forces, elements etc.), and by adding or subtracting or multiplying or dividing them with one another, the force of Curiosity can bring so many new attributes and things out, which are new only for Curiosity but never- in real terms- New. (The Designer of All has already placed them in the game. So, nothing discovered or invented by Curiosity is new to Him.)
In essence, Curiosity is unable to create a new force or element at all. Curiosity can only read all the (visible and invisible) forces and elements and also can use them in its favor but that is all. Curiosity
cannot create the least of energy. It can read and use only already existing energy. In a nutshell, Curiosity can search anything, but it can create nothing, and that is it. Therefore, the force of Curiosity is just of no use for the Law of Creation, and it is useless for energy as well (to find energy’s salvation, etc.) as energy is totally unable to think or desire.
Of course, these are but extremely complex points. Yet it looks clearly that the energy enthusiasts, who see neither God nor Life, they, too, are far away from Nature. Then, in search of the reality, where should one go, after all? Well, before leaving both ideologies (the immortality of matter, and the extreme enthusiasm for energy) for good, I try to know their crux again.
Well, in essence, according to the slaves of substance, there are three forces which are eternal: God, man and the universe- where man would reside forever. In other words, the Creator, and Curiosity (in the shape of man), and energy, all the three are eternal. So, I must say that the slaves of substance are very generous in granting eternity. Contrarily, the energy enthusiasts consider only one force eternal- energy. Finally, both fail to guide me well.
However, the serious study of Nature also considers only one force eternal- God, Who is All Absorbent! So, ultimately, not only energy but Curiosity (Life), too, is merged into The One and Only God. The Only FORCE to be FOREVER!
Nevertheless, it is evident that a vast majority of humans give importance only to that ideology which gives them importance very much, and it is only the ideology of the immortality of matter, which makes man immortal; every man, immortal.
Anyways, my very concern is not my personal importance but the news of the REALITY. And, facts tell me that matter (even the human body) is just mortal, and energy, too, is not self-existent. Yes, these very (two) points are established. But, what is the reality (of my being)?
And, I further contemplate and look carefully at this universe, which is written in geometry. And, as soon as I see the book of the universe I try to find the Author of this wonderful writing. Hence, just by going through the extremely well-written book of the universe, I am able to perceive the presence of some peerless Pen-Master. Yes, but WHO compels me to read this book, after all? Of course, it is CURIOSITY!
Then I do feel the force of Curiosity, which lives in the form of innumerable spores in this universe, and in the shapes of countless creatures on this very earth, and which is very vivid in billions of humans. Curiosity, the desire to know more and more and more and…!
This means, in short, there is one God- The Most Knowledgeable. And, there is one force named Life (Curiosity), which is in search of God. And, there is an amazing wall- having writings in and on it- the wall between Life and God, which is called the universe.
The universe, which apparently looks a video game played by Life through its organisms, this very universe, in real, is an amazing book written (by the Amazing Author) for Life to read it in detail until the formula is found, by which this book is dissolved for good. It is the test, the mind-boggling test!
{Let it be clear that the actual God- the Genius of All- is always keen on increasing His Own Knowledge as He is always capable of learning more and more about His Endless Attributes and Prospects. So, to know more about the potential of His Own Attributes and Prospects, He gives His best creation- Curiosity- a test of energy to pass it and get the best of rewards- to be (a permanent part of) God.}
And, Curiosity (Life) is not very unsuccessful in her test so far. Just in a few billion years, she is quite successful in making the supreme computer- man- to meet her research needs. Her knowledge and authority are continuously increasing in this universe. And, she has no any intention to disappoint that Wonderful Author, Who makes her book as interesting as a video game- how very colorful!!! And, this tiny planet contains the untold shades of colors, which are then just nothing when compared with those ones found in the whole universe. What a panorama! Indeed, God is never dry and boring in His nature, but He is The Most Romantic Artist Ever! And, the search for that very Artist is the only task of Life- Curiosity. (And, she has no brains to find any formula, etc., to make some matter- the human body- immortal, not at all.) She has all her focus on being (a permanent part of) God. How big task!
In short, but in my too short life, apart from that extremely big game between God and Life, if I am able to resolve a relatively much easier issue, which is related to just one organism- man, yes, if I find the actual ways of the immortality of man, then I would be pretty happy with me. And, what I can see is that after this universe is removed by Life, man will be (absorbed into) God. And, every being, which ever lived, would be having the same excellent end. For, as soon as the body of a living being stops working completely, its curiosity becomes the part of the greater Curiosity (Life) again in this universe. (Neither energy nor Curiosity is destroyed.) It is the very design. So, when Life removes the universe and gets absorbed into God then every being (as a whole) enjoys the very same position- eternity, and the absolute authority. But it will not happen in near or even far future. It may take but very very very long time to be there.
Life has approximately eight to ten trillion years to finish her task, i.e. literally a long period. So, till then, as far as the immortality of Man (in this very universe) is concerned, there are only two sources: Creation and Generation. (Work and Child)
And, what is Man?
Thought + Body!
So, Work keeps a person’s thought preserved, and their body re-emerges in the shape of child, and the child (through genes) carries even those very news of Nature (of their parents) as well which might remain unexpressed due to the shortage of physical life. Thus, love (between male and female) is a big event on the earth which brings a baby. Yet, the greatest hope from a baby is always Work (i.e. someday, he/she would do some memorable work) for sure!
Well, to be immortal I have two sources: Creation and Generation
And, what are the needs for Creation?
Imagination and Time!
And, what are the needs of Child?
Love and Time- from parents!
Well, what both must need is time. And, as an individual, I always have too little time- overall just a too short life. And, both (Work and Child) need more and more time. In short, I must have to learn time management. OK.
On the ways of my immortality then I see, the needs of imagination (for creation) and the needs of love (for child), in depths. And, as far as creation is concerned, I must repeat that the first and the foremost need for creation is the maximum speed of imagination. And, the need for the maximum speed of imagination is the maximum concentration of mind. And, the need for the maximum concentration of mind is peace in the environment. And, the need for peace in the world is to pay due respect to each other, particularly in the heart of man there must be a high esteem of an individual, and in the heart of an individual there must be the deep respect of man.
But, how is to give enough importance and respect to each other?
By making the criterion of the importance of man, more and more sensible!!!
Of course, this is the very task to be done primarily. And, man is most important as compared to all the known organisms only because they can study Nature most of all. So, simply, among humans, those persons are most important of all who can study Nature most of all, i.e. philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, men of literature, and men of fine arts, respectively.
In fact, the only reasonable and the everlasting touchstone of the human worth is just CREATIVITY. (And, the central need of creativity is research indeed!) Therefore, a simple rule, the more creative a creature is, the more important it is. Likewise, among the most creative creature, the most creative individuals are the most worthy. So, in each millennium, the most creative nation of the millennium is the most worthy nation on the earth. And, being perfectly wise, only that nation must be given authority to lead the genius mankind in this universe for the next thousand years. As a result, within just a few thousand years, there will be only one nation on the earth- mankind. For, if creativity is the criterion of the human worth then (the results of every millennium might be so interesting that) even before ten thousand years every nation would come to know that no nation of humans is devoid of creativity.
Life herself does not afford to make men without fine brains. Thus, each and every nation of humans is always so creative (in potential) that in a free and fair world, each and every nation proves to be worthy enough- genius. And, if any nation proves itself as the most creative of all (by holding the first position repeatedly), then the wisest attitude of mankind is to love and respect that nation most of all. Anyways, this is but the (brightest) future of mankind, which is imperative to come! (May it come before the next one million years, even earlier, much earlier!!!) And, it will be the Age of Art.
And, Art is not any ideology or theory (described to man by just some person), like the immortality of matter or like all is energy, etc. Art is but in the genes of man. Art is (the extreme genius of) Man! Art is (the very genius of) Life! Art is (the nature of) God!
What is Art?
The infinite realm of the manifold attributes and prospects is Art!
To show a glimpse of a whole in a bit is Art!
To make a (new) component shown in a whole is Art!
What is Art?
In a word, brevity!
In essence, who describes the central points of Nature with as much brevity, as big an artist he/she is- having the ability to teach maximum in minimum time. So, in the known whole universe there are three Arts which are the biggest of all Arts. Philosophy, Mathematics, and Science, the best of all the students of Nature! So, their notes are always the masterpieces of brevity.
And, certainly, philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists are the creators of such terms, equations, etc., which are though composed of just a few letters or digits yet which reveal the greatest secrets of Nature. How super genius they are, of course, who even read the laws and rules written by the Supreme Genius- God- Himself! So, how priceless and sacred pens they are!!!
And, had they not been born on the earth mankind would have been in the caves and jungles yet. Indeed, if humans had been unable to give birth to the immortal- the most creative- persons (philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists) there would have been no tools and machines on this earth, not at all. And, how interesting scene of the world would be if somebody hides all the immortal individuals (philosophers, mathematicians, scientists) somewhere, and says to the rest of humans: “OK. You all are just truthful; and, the beliefs of your much-respected forefathers are just unquestionable. So, for your survival and progress, you do keep adoring and calling your supreme Savior and Benefactor (whatever His name might be)! And, you do keep reading your blessed books day night! But you will be having no books to read and no tools and machines to use, which are produced just by the human genius. Yes, for your survival and progress you are ever free to see but only that supreme force of yours and that supreme scripture by Him, and that is all.” In short, if it happens so, mankind would get nonplussed. The whole mystique regarding the skies would just vanish from the earth. Nothing would be left behind in the hands of humans, but only leaves to cover bodies. Nevertheless, even this very
technique of covering the human body, to cope with temperature, was also adopted and taught to others by some most creative individual of his/her times.
In essence, the genius mankind without its most genius- the most creative- persons becomes too weak on this earth and in this universe in particular. And, if mankind is a magnificent tree of Life then the most creative persons, on its various branches (from every clan, nation etc.), are the most fragrant and evergreen and the immortal flowers indeed! But, even all the words “sent from the skies” are told to mankind only by the more creative humans (men of literature), and the actually really useful all books, tools, and machines are also given to mankind just by the most creative persons (philosophers, mathematicians and scientists) in all ages.
And, in the known and the unknown all worlds, the greatest of all arts is the Art of Writing, which not only preserves and passes on the news meticulously but also makes the writers capable of doing more and deeper calculations regarding Nature, endlessly. In short, this wonderful and the most useful art (Writing) was also learned (through Nature) and taught to mankind just by the most creative humans of their times. On this very earth, of course, for each and every gain, from the very first (concept of) God to all the technology in the present world, the genius mankind is obliged only to its own (the more, and the most) genius persons. And, it is evident, from word to machine, from philosophy to science, from sowing to reaping, and from geology to astronomy, etc., each and every art is the result of only the untiring efforts of the genius mankind, in which the main contribution is always by its (the more, and the most) creative persons. In short, there is always an increase in the number of arts on the earth. So, in the universe, man is going far and far away (in search of more and more knowledge and prospects), for Life (Curiosity). Another bigger bonus, Art (The Knowledge of Nature) is increasing the average age of man ever!
And, of all arts, if only one art of medication and surgery (just a branch of science) had never been learned (from Nature) by the most creative persons, there would have been an incredible loss of the human population ever. Just like all other creatures, a large number of humans would never have been able to live till their physical end. Thus, who knows how many (the more and the most) genius humans would also have died at early ages- before doing their remarkable works? Who can count that very loss of the human genius? And, by the genius Sir Hippocrates, I become deeply happy when I see that such super genius persons are always born in our homes, who bestow mankind with more and more arts. So, with the increasing number of arts, man is always capable of performing better and better for Life (Curiosity). Certainly, in the journey of evolution, man is flying high and high on the wings of arts.
And, I cannot help saying again, to express the greatest of all arts man holds Pen! And, these are the written words, on this planet, which are the greatest gain of mankind, the priceless asset indeed! What else (could be more important)? But, what is mankind without its books? (Even what is the greatest Sign ever from the traditional God- The Almighty? But some book!) And, the biggest identity of man is the Art of Writing. And, in times before the Art of Writing, in the human world, there must have been a number of (the more and the most) creative humans ever, but we don’t know the name of anyone. And, there is no any poet, storyteller, inventor or even any public leader, king, etc., in our memories who used to live on this earth before the Writing Age. Not any identity! It just looks as there was no any (remarkable)
man on the earth ever before the Writing Age. But, before the Writing Age, an individual human was just as mortal as any other organism.
Of course, it is only the Art of Writing which has connected a human to the whole humankind on a permanent basis and has made them immortal from mortal. In fact, pen is the fountain of eternity (for the imagination of man) which keeps running at all times and humans keep drinking the colorful water (ink) of it day night and become livelier than ever and finally, win their immortality, quite easily. What a way to be forever! Otherwise despite all their genius a human had no any real way to preserve their name in the world.
In other words, before the Writing Age, a human was but just mortal. And, the most reliable key to man’s eternity is pen indeed! Only writing is eternal. And, man has come to know this very secret. On every part of Life and the universe, (in every gene and photon, etc.) there is some coding, i.e. Writing. {(All, by chance??? Never! But, certainly, it is by the Supreme GENIUS Writer- God (in energy), and in genes by the Superior Genius Life!}
Anyhow, what a wonderful story of this very world is, having two characters: Curiosity and energy! The story which may not be extremely worthy for the Supreme Writer Himself (Who may be busy in more complex creations) but it is always the most miraculous creation for man. Of course, the story of Life and the universe is extremely fantabulous, and man has to read it with maximum concentration. It is the duty of being. So, to do this duty to their best man has to live as long as possible. And, the written words keep them alive- preserving and passing their very news on- forever. Therefore, as man learned Writing so their eyes were filled with the dream of their immortality. It filled them with avidity and vitality more than ever, for they were able to see very clearly their own huge dormant potential. (And, there remain so many everlasting sentences in books which otherwise had never been expressed by their authors whether they kept speaking day night throughout their lives… And, it is not that I write just after getting the maximum clarity of my concepts, but my concepts get more and more clarity as well during writing… I start writing and, in the very beginning, I myself pick words for my thought but sooner words themselves start bringing other most befitting words. Words beget words- on paper. Indeed, Writing is the greatest invention of man ever! Another greatest invention of man is machine. But, actually, every complex machine, first of all, is just a simple notebook. In essence, without the Art of Writing there would have been no any great machine, not at all. Who can reckon the benefits of the Art of Writing! The greatest of all miracles is Writing!)
Anyways, if the assessments and analysis of the extremely serious and studious researchers are not wrong at all, then humans (homo-sapiens) have been living in this oxygenated sphere for two hundred thousand years. If so, then the progress in the two hundred thousand years seems too little than the progress in the last just seven thousand years. One may ask a question: “Were the mothers belonging to the pre-writing era not able to give birth to the genius children? In other words, were there never the most genius humans anywhere on the earth just before the Writing Age? The answer is, yes, they were definitely there, they were certainly present on this earth since the origin of mankind, and they were everywhere. Otherwise, it is not possible for merely a body to reach space from the caves. (This
achievement is not the blessings of worshipping and praising, etc.). This journey has been dependent just on the human imagination.
And, humans were never deprived of the power of imagination. How little but the power was present there within the first ever humans on the earth. In short, with every passing millennium, there was an increase in the number of the humans having big brains. But, they had no pen in their hands; they had no any technique to preserve their thoughts meticulously. Thus, it was possible to think, but it was almost impossible for a human to ponder on its thinking again and again. So, it was not possible for any human to make calculations about Life and the universe at some greater levels. So, it was certainly not possible for humans to find out the complex secrets of Life and the universe.
In short, humans had imagination but without Writing, they were just unable to make the maximum use of their supreme power. And, when there were no written words in the human world, there was as nothing at all. But how wonderful gain is Writing, that the whole universe seems to be in the pocket of man as there is laying a detailed map of the universe, and there is no fear to be distracted. And there is no fear. This universe is nothing except some laws. And, as far as the universal laws are concerned, there is nothing superior to the cognition of man. And, there is no any book which is impossible to be read by man. Moreover, the inexorable lover of knowledge, man never gives up knowing more and more about Nature. So, it is evident that the Study of Nature is continuously going on day and night in every corner of this world…
Man is not neglectful even for a moment in studying the Book of Nature, and this is the Greatest Book Ever, and those are the greatest students, i.e. philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, men of literature and men of fine arts, who continue to study Nature day night. So, they always make their super genius generation (the human generation) move forward culturally as well as technically in this bluish sphere. This is an awesome journey, and this is the journey of man, and this is the journey of man towards The Author of the Book of Nature! And, the most magical conveyance in this journey is Pen! Whenever man’s imagination goes through the Book of Nature and keeps going on at its maximum speed then man does hold Pen with their fingers- trembling by the pace of imagination and the excitement of mind, so the whole mankind moves forward as a result, in the great journey of Knowledge.
Furthermore, it is an open secret that the immortality of the genius human being is hidden within the Art of Writing! And, in a world, where a person does not know the name of their real great-grandfather, in the very same world, millions and millions of the educated persons do not forget the name of Sir Freud…. what is the reason? This is not because of his subject, but just due to his indelible research and his creative works. And, certainly, the name of the celebrated Sir Aristotle also remains imprinted in the (literate) human minds. This is true, but every human super genius is alive in the sense that their thinking is quite able to impact and improve the human thinking ever. (And, Life is the other name for the ability to move other living beings and to affect the environment!) So, a super genius never dies! In fact, a person who considers the issues of his/her whole species as his/her own problems, he/she becomes alive within every human.
Moreover, every human discerns the great possibilities and probabilities of their own species vividly in their eminent artists. So, humans feel pride (to be human) to see their illustrious artists. And, who are more genius among them they just don’t forget to show their distinguished artists to their own children, then they say to them (about the leading artists), “These humans- the pride of our species- are of the same design as is yours…..do you understand, dear? You are not of any unique structure- some inferior one, but you are also just humans- gifted with vast memory and speedy imagination. It is true that our greatest artists have marginally more memory space and far more speedy imagination. But, who knows, what you have brought (from Life) as well? Maybe, even more memory, more speedy imagination! But, you just remember that the greatest artists of our genius species always work very hard; they never forget to study the Book of Nature. So, you, too, keep working hard in your lives, and you never ever forget to study the Book of Nature! Then who knows that what you, too, can do for your species and for Life! Go and just work hard to study the Greatest Book of Nature, which remains deep within you as well as everywhere around you. Go, and read more and more to know more and more, for this is the (only objective of) Life!” Briefly, this is the lesson which is always taught, especially by the more genius humans to their offspring; words may be very different but the meaning remains the very same.
In short, the study of the Book of Nature is the need of man! And, each and every human is made to be a good student of Nature (if not better or the best). But every human chest is filled with the news of Nature. And, Nature (The universe + Life + The UNKNOWN) is the source of literally unnumbered news. So, almost every human being contains in their chest (at least one such news of Nature) which only they can reveal to others. Indeed, the more genius and the most genius humans do have more and more (significant) news of Nature within their bodies, yet there is never a single human on the earth whose chest is completely empty and blank.
Who is the man, in their life who never asked any question, never found any answer; who did never learn even a single digit, who did never try to explain the reason behind some strange scene? But, who is the man on this earth, who never drew lines (how roughly) on some paper, wall, ground, etc.? Moreover, who is the man, who never sung any song (whether in the praise of their God) whether in their complete privacy, who never shook their body in the style of dancing, who did not play ever, who did never hide their self, who did never seek for somebody else? Who is that man??? Yes, who is the man, who never contains philosophy, mathematics, science, literature, fine arts, sports and all the other arts within them???
Who is not a philosopher?
(Who does not want to know more and more- about his/her work?)
Who is not a player?
(And, the Art of sports is just the art to learn, in minimum time, more and more about the strength, agility, elasticity and endurance of the human body.)
In essence, Life herself places the prospects of all arts within each of her best organism. Though most of them remain dormant throughout the life, yet they remain alive ever in the body (and may appear in next generations). But, in everybody (containing all the arts) only the extreme attribute manages to show itself. So, Life keeps announcing her decisions. The diversity of humans becomes more and more evident, yet the very base (of all humans) is the same ever, i.e. the same very Curiosity!
In short, every curious and active human always believes that they have the ability to do something new- something unique and better one. And, everyone is truthful! For, when anybody spends their whole life in doing a certain work, then they are able either to find an extraordinary new point in that field or to improve any of the known points very well. (Innovation and skill increase likewise.) And, on this earth, somebody shows a dress to humans by wrapping the animal skin on their own body, many humans take an interest in this respect, and multifarious kinds of dresses are introduced in the human world, finally. But, a tailor (even illiterate) becomes famous and known, who performs their task with huge interest and care, they are also an artist- very creative and adept in their art, otherwise the busiest people would not mind to approach them.
Therefore, without a doubt, anybody who is busy in their work with the maximum concentration of their mind, they do one day perform outstandingly in their field. Indeed, human is an outstandingly intelligent creature. But it is better for a human to prefer walking ever on the track for which their feet are made. Otherwise, camel loses its ability to run fast on a road as a horse cannot gallop on the sand. In the same way, a human looks lethargic who is far away from their actual field. Otherwise, man is never lazy! For, man (ever desirous to keep moving forward) is an entity made just for Work- Art- Creation.
Anyways, except Work, everything seems worthless in this world, where even great civilizations tend to disappear. And, in this globe (which is almost four and a half billion years old), in this world of humans (which is about two hundred thousand years old), there is no any greatest civilization which has maintained its identity very well, even for just seven thousand years, continuously. (And, who knows that how many idols were carved and broken by man during the journey from the caves to cities, as a person one day breaks their childhood toys unconsciously, or the toys are themselves broken just because of their too much age and weakness). This is true that only Art is beyond deterioration and depreciation. And, in the human world, it is only Art which is always in search of even better, so which keeps moving forward without any break…… and, Art is the Craze for the BEST!
Moreover, every such activity of man in which there is a permanent benefit (either of the human mind or of the body or of both) is an Art. So, if the benefit is of an ordinary nature, the activity is called Simple Art (e.g., all routine works and jobs). And, the activity which brings an extraordinary gain is known as Super Art (i.e. philosophy, mathematics, science, literature, fine arts). In other words, man is not professional but a Natural Artist only!
It is the fact, when man opened their eyes on this earth, they had nothing in hands. But man had the abilities of exploration and creation. Thus in just two hundred thousand years, and especially in the last
fifty thousand years (with the present shape of the human skull), and again during the last six thousand years (in the post-writing era) and further, during the last six hundred years only (after the publication of books) and then finally, during the last sixty years only (in the post-computer era), so many arts have emerged in the human world as it is just impossible to mention even their names only, on a leaf- whether how big it is.
Why is man so much eager to fill their world with Arts?
Indeed, Art is the central need in search of The BEST!
But, eating, drinking and sleeping, etc., are the secondary needs since the position of spirit (Curiosity) is the first ever. And, Curiosity needs only knowledge. Yes, it is true that it is my dire need to meet the most genius human beings (who remain filled with the news of Nature) as much as possible. And, it is also the fact that the most genius human beings are found in (their) books because Writing is the essence of the human thinking. In a nutshell, I always need books on this earth to go forward in this universe. And, in the Age of Art, the most beloved things will definitely be books ever. Even the net worth of nations will be based on the books produced by them every year. (Verily, man’s brightest future is but only in the Age of Art!)
Well, even in the present Age which is the Age of the Slavery of Substance, still the ultimate identity of a person is their art. (What do you do?) The real importance of a person is directly related to their grip on their work. And the specialty of a person totally depends on their art. Otherwise, all look alike.
In short,
As far as I am concerned personally,
What is my actual art in this universe?
To make the attributes of my being grow more and more!
And, the central attribute of my being is Curiosity (Life).
And, the central need of Curiosity is News.
So, my central need is to increase my knowledge. Because my very Basic Art in this universe is to make Life Grow more and more. And, her growth depends on upon Knowledge. In essence, being man- being the greatest sign of Life ever, the central need of mine is more and more knowledge. So, the basic need of my being, on this earth, is the maximum concentration of my mind (to acquire more and more knowledge.)
(Finally, I become clear about the first source of my own immortality.)
Then, I ponder over the second sign of my immortality- my child. And, one thing I see for sure that this super sensitive organism (the human child) ever needs too much care from their parents. (And, only love
can care someone mostly. So, fortunately, parents are always filled with love for their children as they see them as the solid signs of their own immortality.) Moreover, child does need the company of both of his parents as they learn quickly from both a lot. And, when they receive love from both sexes of man they become able to love both the human sexes in the world.
But, even before these very points, I do come to know that to get the solid sign of my immortality- my own child, there is just one source in the known whole universe, and that is the opposite sex of my species. {So, a human’s love- the unfathomable and the endless- for the opposite sex remains no mystery to me at all. And, I can see why the adult humans- females and males- die for their opposite sex. Though they might not be aware of the actual attraction yet the real source of their immortality pulls them badly and constantly (female to male, and male to female), and that is all. Anyhow, one may smile at me and do ask: “Oh, if so, what about the love for the same sex- which brings no child ever?” Then, in short, I must request that one (more intelligent person) to read only the four (short) articles in my first book “The central Need” which comprises overall more than three thousand (short and long) pieces of prose.}
Anyways, I further come to know that to have a more imaginative child of mine, I must need a more imaginative female (of my species), whose search, on this earth, is always an issue which belongs only to me. But, the genius human child has their own very issues. And, they being an infant seem totally helpless who constantly need the feel (news) of security, oxygen, diet, and cleansing. Apart from oxygen, for their all other needs they must need some other organism- smart enough to take care of them well. So, how lucky is the human child that they get two genius organisms to take care of them- mother and father. That is why the institute of marriage has been most popular in the human world for thousands of years. Marriage- an extremely sacred contract between male and female to live with each other throughout their lives- is filled with benefits for children. (And, anything which brings enormous benefits for Art or Child or for both that is but sacred indeed!)
Of course, in the known whole universe, there is nothing more important than Art and Child. So, only that law in the human world is reasonable and acceptable which either brings any benefit for them or save them from some loss. In short, more interestingly, the institute of marriage is beneficial for Art as well. Art does need time! And, the tradition of marriage (the guarantor of the perfect loyalty) saves humans’ time so much, which otherwise might have been wasted in pursuit of more attractive (the intelligent) adults of the opposite sex every night- throughout the life. (But the greatest attraction of any living being is its intelligence!)
In short, For Art and Child, the maximum concentration of my mind and the perfect loyalty to my life partner are my uttermost needs. These are the needs for my own immortality. Then, after having immortality, only one thing remains still attractive and that is, of course, Knowledge!
To cut a long story short, I am by Life (Curiosity) and for (the search of) God- The Most Knowledgeable of All! And, to reach my destination, I have to unlock the cage of this macrocosm- made of energy. And, I have the master-key in the shape of my body, which is made of matter- a condensed form of energy.
And, my body is one of the best receivers ever to catch the very frequencies found in this cosmos. Furthermore, what is my body? My book of eternity, and a matchless robot of mine!
And, first of all, the (carbon container) body of mine is a book- having uncountable written pages- the very first page of which contains (though in an extremely abstruse form) but the news of the Author Himself. Then there are a large number of pages having the summary of the struggle of Life in this universe. All these (the already written) pages (within the human body) make the intuition of mine. And, the human intuition is a wonderful store of the scenes, sounds and secrets of the universe. In essence, the human intuition has a notable record of the whole struggle of Life in this universe. No any baby (of any creature) is a plane paper in this planet. Then, there are incomputable plane pages in my body as well, to note the most important news which I get in this life of mine. Such pages make my perception. (And, my perception becomes the intuition of the next generation, as the perception of my parents became a most active part of the intuition in me.) Then, the combination of intuition and perception within me makes a third faculty called wisdom or prudence.
And, my imagination is the pen with which I note the news down within me. Actually, imagination performs in two ways, when I have to consult my intuition it becomes an amazing torch, and when I have to deal with my perception it becomes a smart pen- the writing speed of which is just inexpressible! In other words, the human memory is a hard-disk and the imagination is a search engine as well as a tool to write data on that hard disk. (Therefore, the large hard-disk the speedy search engine a person has, the intelligent he/she is.)
Anyways, what is the (average) speed of the human imagination?
And, the human imagination starts its journey from the earth, reaches the last (ever blinking) edges of the universe and comes back much sooner than in the chest inhaling turns into exhaling or otherwise!
In other words, the distance of almost ninety billion light years (46 + 46) is traveled in a few nanoseconds, i.e. just in few nanoseconds, the human imagination touches the blinking boundaries of the known universe. (And, it is established that wherever we reach we become able to go even farther.) In short, nothing remains always too far- for the human imagination, as the pace of imagination is just incredible!
Above all, the human memory! A repository of the numberless news of Nature!!!
But, with such an outstanding design, man is the organism who is never made for any cheap goal (the immortality of matter, etc.) but they are, certainly, designed to do some supertask, and that is all.
Anyways, (in search of God) first of all, I have a wonderful book of eternity and a magical pen, my imagination. And, my objective is to reach the most Genius Artist of All. Well, on this journey, my body is my robot as well which keeps and preserves the priceless pages (filled with the news of Nature) in its backbone and skull. And, my robot has also certain super sensors (the known five senses) which keep on providing me with the news of (the characteristics and properties of) matter and energy. And, on the very (complex) way to God, the news (of the right track) is always my central need. Furthermore, my
robot (my body) is designed so smartly that it even picks my intentions and so very quickly comes into action accordingly. My robot also works as my basic transport to reach in person anywhere.
In short, as far as this universe is concerned, my body is but my inevitable need. And, the inevitable needs of my body are the favorable atmosphere (having oxygen), diet, shelter, exercise, sleep and peace in the environment, and nothing else. {The opposite sex is not the INEVITABLE need of my body at all. But the opposite sex is the inevitable need of just mine- for love and for the continuation of my genes in particular.) Well, as far as my body is concerned, if it gets enough oxygen, proper diet, nice house, regular exercise, deep sleep and peaceful environment then it does not leave me till its physical age limit. But, if there is a shortage in any one of the above-mentioned things then the actual life of the human body would be decreased. And, it is evident that in my world, in many states, there is a severe want of (most of) the inevitable needs of the human body. Particularly, peace is absent in so many states. It affects the overall peace of the world as well. But, in the absence of peace, the most sensitive organisms (humans) remain filled with anger or fear. And, the excess of anger or fear on permanent basis proves even more fatal for the human body than the shortage of food. (That is why on this earth- often red with the human blood at most places- humans die early.) What a loss!
But, as long as the majority of humans are the slaves of substance in this world, there would be the least care about the losses of the human body. Because that very God who loves and lives to make man just a slave, He Himself teaches every slave to look down upon the human genius and the body. To get back what? But, just that very body- for good! And, His slaves do exactly that. They even sacrifice their bodies happily- to get just those very bodies back forever. So, in such a world, who could even think of declaring the human body the most sacred thing in the known whole universe? But, someday, the very same declaration will definitely be in this very world. And, it will be so in the Age of Art. So far is the Age of Matter (the immortality of matter is the greatest goal of humans yet).
Indeed, at most places on this earth, the known most genius organism- man- is not free yet. There is not the Age of Freedom and Liberty overall. Rather, there is still the Age of Matter. And, at most parts of this globe, there is the least chance for a human to question the immortality of matter. Above all, on this earth, almost in every human race, nation, there is already one book which is always supreme (of all writings) ever. There is no chance for any thinking being of any race, nation, to claim that he/she can write a book better than the blest book of his/her race or nation. And, that is it. Thus, in a world, where the greatest of all Arts- Writing- has no chance to go further on the path of immortality, it is quite possible there in the most creative human beings remains a deep tendency to commit suicide silently or (making a noise) go insane. What a world! How horrible!!! Where the greatest signs (of Life- Curiosity) are often bound to leave their physical existence earlier than the actual age limit of their bodies! But without any doubt, the ideology of the immortality of matter is the biggest genius- eater ever!
And, the very secret of the terrible hold of the ideology is that it not only has the full authority to kill its critics but also knows how to use it- just without any hesitation. And, the slaves of substance are always eager to kill even their own such more genius children who dare to question the immortality of matter. Yes, just to get their own bodies back, etc., they are ever ready to devour their own offspring. And, had they been with no authority to persecute and kill their opponents there would have been no chance of
their so overwhelming growth in this bluish sphere- which looks mostly red mainly because of them. Certainly, the endless (though totally pointless and hopeless) love for the immortality of the human body has corrupted the human mind in an extreme manner. Yet, if there is no terror of theirs in this world then, everywhere, even the middle school pupils would shake their beliefs very easily as their beliefs are the shallowest ones amongst all the theories- dealing with the immortality of man.
Anyways, the immortality of man is never as easy to be achieved as somewhere sweets are distributed among children by a tall man, and kids come, jump, get and go away. No way! The immortality of man is never by cramming, character, killings, etc.; it is never through praises, sacrifices (neither by sacrificing oneself nor by sacrificing any other living being) in the name of God. But, the immortality of man is a far serious task indeed, which is done through only Art and Love. So, whenever mankind becomes serious in this (the most important) issue, then there would be the deepest love for love, and especially for Work and for the greatest workers ever in the human world- philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, men of literature and men of fine arts.
Anyways, time does come when man will redefine themselves as (not any slave, etc.) but only an Artist- the Assistant to Life! And, it will happen when man redefines Life as CURIOSITY- the search for the BEST of the Best. So, only a researcher knows the value of their notebook. Yes, only then the most wonderful notebook of the news of Nature (the human body) will be seen as the most sacred thing in the whole universe. Then man will be quite serious to increase their average physical age as much as possible because the more age the more and the matured news. Then, the old age will be considered most worthy because it is always more knowledgeable. And, it will happen within just one million years, even much before. But, the craze for the immortality of matter is mortal! There will definitely be an end to it. Yes, it is written on the wall and in the heart of each and every more genius human too all over the world.
Well, who lives for some excellent purpose he/she does want a long life on the earth (to do his/her work as much as possible). So, when humans start living for some bigger purpose than the pleasant immortality of matter then they would value the long physical life very much. (So far, the slaves of substance do not care in this regard, as they have the only task to please their ancestral God- the guarantor of the immortality of matter- as much as possible. Thus, they have to do only adorations and sacrifices, etc. Both deeds demand neither much brains nor a long life.)
Forgetting all, in search of the Greatest Artist Ever, there is me, and I have a body for too less time. Well, oh, oh, but what about my own immortality? And, in this regard, I have two sources: Creation and Generation. So, I have two very basic needs for my immortality: Art and the Opposite Sex. But, as far as my own identity and immortality in this universe is concerned, the most reliable source is definitely Art. So, I confess, I feel no problem even to ignore the opposite sex completely when I am absorbed in my art- the happiest times in my life. It means, I can reduce even the very basic needs of mine, and it makes no any loss to the age limit of my robot (my body).
Nevertheless, as far as my robot (my body) is concerned, it just cannot compromise on its very basic needs, i.e. oxygen, shelter, diet, exercise, sleep, and peace. (Shortage in anyone of the above-mentioned
things causes a decrease in the age limit of the human body.) So, it remains a very critical issue ever. I do need the maximum life of my robot as I have some great work to do. (Let it be clear again that there is a clear difference between me and my body as between a pilot and an aeroplane.) However, it is also evident that to provide my robot with all its needs well, on this earth, I must have to keep humans around me more and more happy with me, and that is all. For, in the known whole universe, there is no other creature having more authority than the genius mankind. And, man is capable of giving maximum profit or loss to any known organism. So, only that living being can live with peace on this earth which is in man’s good books, but who remains on their hit list that organism is bound to be destroyed sooner or later- whether an invisible virus (hidden in the too tiny body of a dengue).
In short, for the maximum life of my robot, I must have to keep myself in the good books of the humans around me. And, it is never too difficult. The best way to win their favors is just to admire their firm beliefs very much, and always to avoid criticizing (their beliefs) in any case. (Factually, humans are hypersensitive about their beliefs regarding the immortality of man because immortality is the central desire of humans. So, on this earth and particularly in the east, every child is ever bound to follow the belief of the family in which they are born, and that is it.) Furthermore, another (very useful) way of winning the hearts of humans is to praise them very much. Every human loves their praise usually. In essence, for the maximum life of my robot, I have to do only two things: blind following and flattery. Then all the very basic needs of my robot are fulfilled, quite easily. People feel happy even giving their own shares to me. How much reward just for the cheap praises in some high words! Good!!! Just by keeping myself in the good books of my nation, I become able to enjoy the maximum life of my robot (my body). Furthermore, it is also quite possible for me then to choose a smart person from the opposite sex, so I can have my next generation as well.
In short, how much I get by keeping myself in the good books of the humans around me, ah, but at the cost of the complete destruction of my being, and that is it! In such case, I remain all away from my art (the search for The Creator of All, i.e. Philosophy), so just after the death of my robot, I, too, die forever. Even before just one hundred years after the death of my robot (my body), nobody on the earth knows my name. (Even my own children cannot keep my name alive for long. They, at last, get busy with their own children, who then bear their own children in their own world, etc.) In short, in order to save my robot only for some decades, I lose my own self for always.
On the other hand, my own name always remains in this universe when on this earth I never compromise on my art (the search for The Greatest Artist Ever). Yes, in search of the Best of all Prospects, there are always ample chances for me to find something worthy forever, and then just by noting it down I win my (symbolic) immortality for sure. For, such one thing (even only one verse, equation, formula, etc.) through my pen, which discloses but any big secret of Nature to the genius mankind, then keeps my name alive in this universe till the genius mankind is alive over here. {And, now the genius mankind (which has been able to keep looking for more and more livable places in the galaxy and even beyond) will never die till the removal of the window blind of the universe.} In short, how can I break up with pen? That very key- to my own immortality in this universe- PEN!
But, Pen cannot follow (the follies of) a family, clan, nation or even the whole mankind. Pen is just (a spokesperson of) Nature in the hand of a writer. So, how can I break my pen under the fear of only a clan, nation etc.? It is not that easy (for a writer)! Ah, but it is also a matter of fact (keeping pen in my hand), that very problem does remain there, i.e. the sufferings of my robot (my body) just for nothing, but only due to the narcissism of the slaves of substance. Too bad!
But the slavery of substance has degraded the priceless human genius as well as body to such extents that the world would be deeply shocked when it comes to know the reality of the immortality of matter. Only then the real civilization starts prevailing in the world. (And, what is civilization? It is to value and respect the genius, the body and the time of every human being on the earth more than anything else in the universe!) Well, so far is the age of narcissism. One can find safety only in the blind following and flattery of mankind. On the most parts of the earth and particularly in the east, this is the only way for a human to save their robot and to have the solid signs of their immortality- their children. So, I, too, finally, decide to do exactly that (blind following and flattery).
“Ah, but why after all?” (My inner-self shouts.)
“Just to make my robot maximum safe so that it may do more and more work!”
“Ah, what work? When there is no chance of doing some noteworthy research and creations. So, what work???”
“Well, the work is to produce more and more offspring- in order to pass quietly all my news of Nature on- on this planet.” I reply, and my inner-self keeps quiet.
So, I salute the second source of man’s immortality, which even in the worst conditions keeps man filled with Life and dreams! (Any of my children or grandchildren or great grandchildren will definitely be able to do that what I am never able to do! But, at last, this very world will be changed for good!) Good!!!
Nonetheless, I try my best to forget about Art and keep my focus just on the second source of my immortality. I learn not to use my imagination at all, because there is no need for any imagination for just flattery and to say something only in the favor of some ideology which is already “much more than perfect”. So, I shut all my imagination down and get ready to go along with my near and dear ones and the humans around me right on the bloody path of the immortality of matter.
Ah, but I do confess, as soon as I take the first step on this path, the heart within my chest becomes so slow and down that I do understand, it would fail without delay if I keep going on this very track. Actually, as soon as my inner-self gets realized that I would ever be too far away from Art then even my robot (my body) seems of no use to my inner-self. “Ah, even what is the use of producing offspring in such an insane world, which is ever ready to kill anyone who cannot help thinking more and more? A world where there is no vision more than the personal salvation or than the immortality of matter- the human body, etc.! Yes, in such a world after all, what my (super sensitive) children, too, could do? Why make them suffer all the pangs which I suffered day-night in this crazy world. And, if they are too unintelligent to feel any pang in this world then there would be no difference between their presence
and absence in this sphere at all!” After all, in trying to follow the path of the immortality of matter I become so depressed that I just cannot help thinking negatively. Even a newborn human baby looks just good for nothing. And, it is the height of disappointment! Then I want to blow up this earth and the whole galaxy. But the life deep within me does hate that much disappointment so she instantly emerges and I sit down on the ground and look at grass silently, and then on the sky (my imagination wakes up in no time), I start thinking again. In short, I stand up and resolve to stop research and creation in this universe just when my body stops breathing on this earth. I have been and will be ever living only and only for the Study of Nature and, that is all!
Then, right in accordance with the Study of Nature, the importance of the human body exceeds all the other things on this earth and in this universe. For, in essence, the Study of Nature means to get the news, more and more and the freshest news. And, to pick and store more and more and the freshest news of Nature, the best tool ever is the human body!
Nevertheless, any slave of the substance who uses to kiss any branch of the ideology of the immortality of matter may vociferate: “Good! You just steal our heart then make us listen to its beats ourselves, and you want us to give you a big hand for that very music. Indeed, it is the most enchanting tune, but it is the very beat of the very heart, throbbing in our own chest. Yes, it is our book which, first of all, and most of all, emphasizes on the Study of Nature and on the importance and value of the human body. O you deaf and dumb, you must read our scripture with opened eyes, and you will find there nothing but the insistence on the Study of Nature and on the sanctitude of the human body as well. So, whom you try to teach the lesson? You better get last, just get last!!!”
Well. This claim by some (supposed) slave is again far away from the facts. As, in no any sub-ideology of the immortality of matter, there is no any major book which says explicitly that man is made only for knowledge, and Life herself is only the desire for more knowledge. And, on this earth, Life remains most of all in men who are always most desirous of more and more knowledge, and they are philosophers and mathematicians and scientists and men of literature and men of fine arts, respectively. So, you must respect them from your heart, and you must use your brains to absorb their works as much as you can! And, that is all!
But, no! Not in any of the sacred writings in the world of the slaves of substance one finds any such instructions from God. That God never guides His followers to keep reading the actual guidebooks of Nature, i.e. philosophy, mathematics, science, literature and the pieces of fine arts. Furthermore, no book over there says that only philosophy, mathematics and science can provide you with more and more knowledge of The Creator of All.
Furthermore, addict to the persecution of its critics, and the warmongering ideology of the immortality of matter has nothing to do with the sanctity of the human body. And, whenever I recall the number and the names of the philosophers, mathematicians and scientists who have been killed by the clever and the cruel ideology of the immortality of matter overall, my heart starts aching severely then and there. So, I just don’t recall their tragic end on this very earth. (How helpless I am that I even can’t lament over my loss! How incredible loss! How inexplicable!)
However, on this planet, an open sign of the knowledge of God is the increase in man’s authority in this universe. So, which books have increased the authority of man in this universe? Obviously, only the books of philosophy, mathematics and science are the actual guidebooks of the knowledge of the Creator of All- God. And, that is all!
Well, coming to the point again, Life is Curiosity. And, the central need of Curiosity is News. So, among all the known living bodies, the human body contains the news of Nature most of all. A wonderful machine- a supreme computer within a supreme robot! And, each and every human child does have this wonderful machine. Though, in this world, there is much ambiguity regarding this matchless machine, particularly in the world of the slaves of substance there is, even more, confusion. The majority of people take it for a source of sins. (In fact, the human body is nothing but only a machine.) Anyways, the slaves of substance are so much confused that on one side they despise the human body, and on the other side they die to get this very body back for always. And, they adduce the logic that in the realm of God- made of gold and silver, but there the human body would be innocent, just innocent. Nevertheless, the human body is neither wicked nor innocent. It is just a machine used by the force of Curiosity. And, no machine in itself is evil or genius. Machine is always only a machine. And, it is evident that if a machine is maintained properly, it not only performs well but also works for more and more years.
Thus, the foremost duty of man is to do their best for the proper maintenance of their machine (the body). And, the second most important duty of man, regarding their machine, is to keep trying to understand all its functions and to find the main fuse as well the switchboard within the body, where the on/off buttons are placed by Life. (And, the central function of the machine- the human body- is to store and present the news- whenever needed, and pass them on, in the shape of the offspring.) Yet, who knows how many more functions are there within the body which remain inactive just because man does not know about their buttons, etc.? Anyhow, to study the human body more and more (through meditation and machines) is the utmost need of man.
Above all, it is the very duty of man to be capable of saving their machine from any malfunctioning (disease), etc., and repairing it with perfection (in case of any injury) so that it may keep working till the very end of its age limit- perhaps one thousand years, on this very favorable earth. And, I salute that Age when the human body would use to stop its functioning just as a dry leaf- which, after living to the last nanosecond of its physical age, takes leave from the tree- with complete satisfaction and peace!
Then the greatest duty of man is to keep studying the book of the universe with the maximum concentration till it starts speaking itself to man. (And, when we read a book with keen interest then at certain stage every line itself starts telling us about all that which does remain there between the lines.)
Furthermore, there are some subtle works for man to do: to know the objective of Life, and to know the very purpose of the Creator of All. Yes, it is the duty of man to understand the psychology of Life and the psychology of God. (But, what is psychology? The extreme study of the capabilities and possibilities of a being is psychology! In other words, it is an endeavor to know more and more about each and every fold of the inner of oneself!) In short, man has to keep trying silently on perceiving the talent and the
potential of Life and God. (And, the greatest talent of God is Creation, and the greatest talent of Life is Exploration.)
Then, there are some other very important works for man to do, and the most important amongst them is to establish the value and respect of the human genius in the whole world. And, it is evident that man has nothing more important than their genius, and mankind has nothing more important than her (the more and the most) genius persons. Thus, supreme is the law which is made for the maximum growth of the human genius and for the security and safety of the human body. Yes, in a home, in a community, in a state and in the world, anywhere, but only that law must be loved by man, which ensures the sanctity of the human genius and the human body. Well, any such law and all the above-mentioned duties of man are related but with only that world where humans acknowledge themselves as Genius by design, and never as evil. {And, in this universe, the easiest way to own the human genius is to understand Life- Curiosity- and her needs… As the central need of Life is knowledge, so man, being filled with Life (Curiosity) most of all organisms, is ever bound to seek for more and more knowledge… And, whose greatest concern remains more and more knowledge, he/she is called in simple words, Genius.} In short, first of all, man owns their genius themselves to the great extent, just then this world would be changed very quickly into the most favorable place for Art and Love. And, there will definitely be such a world so soon- within just one millions years, even much before.
Well, when I realize that, apart from energy, there is another force of Curiosity called Life then I do understand that Curiosity means simply Search. In short, Life is all purposeful! So, then I must have to look further in the past where God creates the forces of Curiosity and energy respectively. And, in the latter He writes down: “You will just be under the Law- forever! Furthermore, Curiosity can use you as you are nothing but only her book to reach ME!” But, in the former, He writes: “You are nothing but an active part of My Imagination! Now away from me, the wall between us is only energy. You just have to read it, to remove it! And, you can use it in favor of yourself, and you can do it only by the Art of Writing! So, I have bestowed you with some of my greatest talents; and I have placed an empty place in energy where you will sit and write down there the rule- made by you. Yet, behold, you, too, are bound to one thing, and that is about your very first writing, as it will be unchangeable forever! Thus, by reading energy, when you are able to find that empty place, then you must write there with extreme attention and care as those very words of yours become the unchangeable rule- for energy. So, energy will follow you ever, but only under those very words. And, there is a lot for you to do. You will learn (what to do and what not) by degrees. But you must know that you can use more energy only by energy. And, you must know that you can write in energy only when it turns into matter. So, in the very beginning, you just have to wait and watch! Then, after being capable of writing once, you will always need papers to note down your notes. So, energy has a lot for you- right in the shape of matter. And, you are free to produce papers out of it. And, you are free to make more and more mobile libraries of yours to keep your notes well preserved, and you can also make receivers catching more news of energy with more speed, and you can place the receivers along with their antennas, in and on your libraries. But you do remember that all the news got by the receivers are then placed and synchronized, within your libraries, right in accordance with those very first words of yours- written in the (energy made) matter. So, be most careful while writing there! Now go, and come back to ME just after learning the formula-
written and hidden- on the wall of energy, which will enable you to remove it all! And, you have ten trillion years to complete the task!”
In short, how big task, and how little briefing (as God has deep confidence in the genius of Life)! Anyhow, as far as energy is concerned, He- the Greatest Artist Ever- says only a few words to it, just because it has no any tough task. (Energy has only to follow the Law- forever.) But, Curiosity- Life- has, certainly, a big task, to keep reading the (most obscure and abstruse writings on the) extremely massive and a towering wall of energy, to find the peculiar formula to reach her destination- God.
What a Destination! But, right after an amazing journey!
What a Gain, finally! But, just after an extremely hard test!
And, the guidebook is the written wall of energy itself to pass the test. (And, if there is a test, then there would also be some next class indeed! Some Superior Class!!!)
To cut a long story short, as soon as Life found that empty place in- energy made- matter, she wrote down there: “You will never leave me unless I leave you!!! Moreover, you will get and store news for me, and you will pass them on for me, by making their copies!” Thus, in essence, the unbending and the unending affection for Life becomes the destiny of that every energy which (in the shape of matter) has to be alive someday on this planet. Ah, but the very first order by Life was the love of Life herself. “You will never leave me unless I leave you!” Then, the love of knowledge (news) became the priority of every living being, but the second most priority. The first ever priority of every matter having Life remains but the love for Life herself. Knowledge, which is the only concern of Life herself, remains but the second priority of the living beings. The living beings, which are nothing but only assistants to Life, for providing her just with more and more knowledge! How interesting!!! How ironical!
In short, the unending love just for the personal life (the rule made by Life under extreme compulsion) has always been and will be ever such an attitude which is too hard to be handled- even by Life herself. Every living being thinks about its own life. And, how little genius lion attacks and devours how big genius human! Of course, narcissism is the very basic attitude of every living being. The attitude, perhaps which can be somehow controlled by Art and Love!
Well, on the earth, there is another little genius organism- snake- which eyes always look filled with anger (so there must be much fear within its being). Yet, I get amazed when I see that there is much softness in its eyes when it creeps fearlessly in the lap of a human who nurtures it since its very childhood. Yes, from head to tail, the large snake shows only affection when its loving master kisses it on its neck, at that very moment in the very eyes of that serpent there remains only love for its master.
Yes, after Art it is only Love which affects, especially every throbbing heart, in depths.
What is Love?
In simple words,
To love someone means to be happy with their progress and the evolution of mind, and to be concerned about their existence, and in their company to have an increase in the power of concentration!
If these a few dozen leaves bring nothing to you except confusion, fear and anger then you may go through “The Scattered Leaves”. And there you would find the issues of Creation and Immortality (with their solutions) in more detail. And you would come to know, in this wonderful match (between Curiosity and energy) whether there is another third force as well (some evil force) to stop Curiosity from getting her goal, so which affects humans (the best of all workers of Curiosity) in particular! And, there in the book “The Scattered Leaves” you would find so many other vital questions (along with their answers) as well. And, if (even after the study of “The Scattered Leaves”) you still feel the same very affection for the immortality of matter and hatred for the Assistance of Life through the Study of Nature then you must manage your time to see “The Central Need” thoroughly. The fiction novel, which comprises of large size (1100) pages! The book which tries to erase the most popular institution (offering the immortality of the human body) the world over, just in such a manner that throughout the very voluminous book there is no any direct mention of that very institution, its name is not used even a single time in the whole book. The book that keeps the focus on Creation and Generation- the actual ways of the immortality of man! The book which keeps telling about Art and Love, and which presents an altogether new world before its readers- a world of Truth and Great Work! (And, it is the simplest rule: the world, at first, comes to the Truth just then it becomes able to do Great Work.) So, the book which brings the (human) genius in full light, and which emphasizes on Art and Loyalty, as these are the very basic needs of the (human) genius to grow- as much as possible, even more. Above all, “The Central Need” makes it crystal clear that the central need of Curiosity (Life) herself is the news of Nature- Knowledge. In essence, the novel, which takes you into a novel world wherefrom you just don’t want to come back! And, when you have to come back to the present world, you do want to change it to that form as it could be (as it should be) and, as it would be indeed. Yet, (even after having known “The Central Need” well) if you just can’t help sticking to the immortality of matter or to the energy enthusiasm then you must give yourself some time in this universe. For, on this earth, your genes then must be most filled with faithfulness (one of the noblest attitude of man). So, you ought to study “The Central Need” again, but after about two years. And then, most probably, your decision goes with the decision of History (which always keeps “The Central Need” as one of the most useful guidebooks for man to known the unknown). The History, which clearly Indicates to mankind that the immortality of man is just through Art (Exploration and Creation), Work!
May your working life be long!

Yours truly,
Just an artist- an assistant to Life,


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